The Bottle

21 Jul




In my bottle lies the key to happiness

At least I think….

I forgot somewhere down the road

Probably after my 5th shot

I’m feeling good

In my bottle lies sex appeal

When swag becomes class

Or some misconstrued version of fashion

Maybe I drank too much, naw never that

Shit is straight

This bottle contains my life

Fragilely held together

But slowly falling apart

I’m no longer myself

Why do they hate me?

This bottle holds my family and friends


Searching for answers

While I make excuses

Life’s fucked up

I’ve become dependent on this false happiness

Slowly erasing what really matters

For a momentarily thrill

That’s slowly tearing my body apart

Destroying my mind

Altering friendships

Drawing me into a deeper depression

Where I slowly cut off things I once loved

I neglect the things that once mattered

Death slowly creeps into my life

Whispering into my ear

You’ll never beat me

Alas, I stop

I let the bottle fall from my hands

Never will I let something have that much power over me

Now real happiness slowly returns

Drop the bottle


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