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I sat in a Tree and Pondered

sat in a tree


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

I climbed up in a tree one day to sit and think awhile

So many thoughts passed at that time overwhelming me and I almost fell down

A voice told me to be strong and I caught hold of myself

I looked around to find said voice but it was then I realized I was all alone

I sat back upon that tree to think again and at that moment another voice I did hear

It said, “Why do you sit and think instead of pursuing the thoughts that you think”

Started but not moved I responded

“I’m afraid of what the world might think, it’s a harsh place full of let downs and negativity”

The voice responded loud and clear

“If you worry about what’s thought of you, you’re wasting your precious time, because whether or not they think or not you have to stay on your grind”

“Come down outta that tree my friend and start your life anew”

“Cause the more you sit and ponder, opportunity passes you by”

I said, “Starting today I am a man of business, a man of action, a man chasing destiny”

“Outta this tree I came today to do what’s best for me, and along the way I hope to help someone the way this voice helped me”

Off I went to do my calling

Never to sit and ponder

About life’s daily struggles


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