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Smile in the Face of Ignorance




In all my years of life, I’ve seen ignorance in different forms.  I’ve tried unsuccessfully to combat it, often fighting fire with fire. Now that I have a clearer understanding of this human condition, I just smile. Smiling has been one of the most successful defenses against perceived ignorance and the results are phenomenal.

The ignorant one often is confused as to why you find humor in their stupidity and it makes them look even more like a fool than their usual self. I’ve met the most ignorance online, people often hide, cowardly behind a screen, desperately wasting time coming up with what they perceive to be a funny anecdote. Time wasted on an idea that is sure to backfire is ignorance in itself. The process is called trolling, where a user spends quite a bit of precious time searching for a way to annoy intelligence.

These people, called Trolls, get their kicks from perusing the internet in discussion groups, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, trying to interrupt and disturb topics they themselves aren’t familiar with. Some people will entertain the idiot until they either tire of their silly game or get roasted so bad that they aren’t seen again. Another trolling incident involves a serious status, tweet, discussion, etc that is interrupted by the stupidity of a troll. The troll knows now the situation but injects their idiotic brand of humor into a situation that doesn’t require or call for comedy.

The best thing to do in these situations is smile, but it is often entertaining for us intellects to bait the troll in intelligent conversation, their intent is to anger and annoy, but when you counter their illogical thinking you see that they are empty shells of nothingness and not really worth your time.

So smile in the face of ignorance and know that you the intelligent one won a battle in the long war against ignorance.

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Lost my Mind



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



Leave me alone so I can write this rhyme

This shits been stuck in my mind

For too long

Too long to tell time

Passing ever so slowly

The way I’m being tortured you’d think I committed a crime

Damn man I’m just trying to get mine

But these fuckers eating up my time

Tick tock

There goes that golden clock

Telling me to go kick rocks

Big rocks at Gibraltar

Rocking her boat like hurricane season

God please give me a reason

Why I continue to exist in this form

Is it me or is it destiny


I lost my mind

And this time

The rebirth of a revolution is evident


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Finding Forever




By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



I thought you were forever, but you were just right now

Your lips formed love words that your heart never spoke

Hearts crushed with hollow tips shot by your betrayal

My head pounds daily thinking of the time wasted

Time better spent on other vices

Like liquor shots to the dome

Loving you was a never-ending war for your affection

Did you love me? Or did we just share the same space?


Tears fell like raindrops forming rivers through the valleys of my face

I’ve cried rivers

I’ve wept streams

All collected formed an ocean of sorrow at my feet

But in the forever I foresee

A light shines

I don’t need you; I’m just lusting after an expectation

Now I realize how important you aren’t

How my potential has increased

You weren’t a bust however

More like a learning experience

I’ve found peace in the fact that I can love hard

Even through adversity

I can love completely

I’ve found my forever

It’s always been within me


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Nothing in this World

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

This lady I know is special indeed

A lady

Modeled after my own heart

Crafted by the Great Architect


Brought you into my heart

Destiny led me to your lips

Soft and luscious

Inviting me

Tempting me

Pleasing me

Love is what I’m talking

Now can we do the walking?

Into the distant sunset

Distant cause that’s the length of time

Time spent with you

Nothing in this world can compare


No nothing

Nothing can compare to you


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Secret Temptations

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Temptation is life’s biggest tease

Causing these thoughts to come as they please

I made a vow to refrain from pleasure

But these little moments are hard to ignore

The thought of your body caressing mine

But all of this will happen with time


A concept I’ve pondered

Giving myself time to wonder

Is it more than just the sex

A night of passion with an ex

A heated encounter when I’m drunk

Or is all that shit just mental junk


Of my life having more meaning

Cause for once I’m not being demeaning

Finally learning about myself

Cause to truly love another you have to love thyself

Celibate temptations I will not bow

Cause true happiness is all I want to know


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By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

My mind ponders such crazy thoughts

Weaving a web with these neurons and pulses

Emotional minds bring crying thoughts

Time lapses and conclusions no one can comprehend

Thoughts stretched out between fantasies and hope

A mindless garble of information

Floating spaceships sink when aliens are near


One of life’s humorous follies

To play on the loneliness of the human soul



Fuck! Lost my thoughts on that train traveling the world my mind created

Funny to imagine thought as a train, instead of something


Thoughts slowing


No thought


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Back to Serenity

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

In your eyes I see a calming presence

A calm that carries me throughout my day

Thoughts of you cross my mind from time to time

To relax my thoughts and settle my soul

When the day grows long and my stress levels high

You’re the medicine that cures even the deepest pain

Come to me in your time of need, you whisper

Your touch is something I need indeed

To feel that much love in the heart of another

Oh what a feeling that is to feel

I want to take hold of that feeling right now

Cause my current disposition is in a mass of shambles

Shattered dreams is all I have

Dashed hopes

Sullied visions

Screaming nightmares

Take me back in those loving arms

Take me back to you


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