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Smile in the Face of Ignorance




In all my years of life, I’ve seen ignorance in different forms.  I’ve tried unsuccessfully to combat it, often fighting fire with fire. Now that I have a clearer understanding of this human condition, I just smile. Smiling has been one of the most successful defenses against perceived ignorance and the results are phenomenal.

The ignorant one often is confused as to why you find humor in their stupidity and it makes them look even more like a fool than their usual self. I’ve met the most ignorance online, people often hide, cowardly behind a screen, desperately wasting time coming up with what they perceive to be a funny anecdote. Time wasted on an idea that is sure to backfire is ignorance in itself. The process is called trolling, where a user spends quite a bit of precious time searching for a way to annoy intelligence.

These people, called Trolls, get their kicks from perusing the internet in discussion groups, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, trying to interrupt and disturb topics they themselves aren’t familiar with. Some people will entertain the idiot until they either tire of their silly game or get roasted so bad that they aren’t seen again. Another trolling incident involves a serious status, tweet, discussion, etc that is interrupted by the stupidity of a troll. The troll knows now the situation but injects their idiotic brand of humor into a situation that doesn’t require or call for comedy.

The best thing to do in these situations is smile, but it is often entertaining for us intellects to bait the troll in intelligent conversation, their intent is to anger and annoy, but when you counter their illogical thinking you see that they are empty shells of nothingness and not really worth your time.

So smile in the face of ignorance and know that you the intelligent one won a battle in the long war against ignorance.

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I Wish the World could hear my Plea



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


I wish the world could hear my plea

To stop the violence that is killing me

Me as in soldiers persecuted by senseless wars

Belittling our significance in today’s troubled world

A world free of racism

What a wonderful thought

Smashed by pure ignorance

Just look at the results

A nation of adults

We are supposed to be rational

But instead bicker and whine over simple skin color

Hear my plea my fellow citizens

That if we continue this innate stupidity

From within we will be destroyed

Not Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Communist, Liberal, Republican or Democrat

We are one of many

A blending of colors

A melting pot of cultures

Great nations split and skewed

By senseless ignorance and increased arrogance

I wish the world could hear my plea

To stop this violence that is killing me


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This Topsy Turvy World


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


From the outside in

From the inside out

The world we see has gone crazy

Lost its ever loving mind

Gone are the days of prosperity

Forgotten is the struggle of our forefathers

Was it all a dream?

Is our existence morphed into this twisted reality?

We are susceptible to lies

Threatened by fear

I am enraged by all that I see

My pleas are ignored

My vision disputed

The blind eyes don’t see the tragedy unfolding

Our people turn to others and chastise their own

Dismissing where they come from

Ignorant and close minded we become

Common sense is lost to our society

Eroded by the constant saturation of stupidity

Bring me a change

Open up our minds

Unlock our hearts

We see the tragedy but fail to change our destiny

“If we don’t learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it in the future”


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