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Lies become Truth


Lead me not on the journey of Truth

Tell me lies.Honesty is not Honest

Fabrications as high as rooftops but not my roof,

Lies are nothing but a word adjust:

O my! Why do you feel pain?

It is but words that leave you shaken;

That truth will drive you to shame,

Whose worth unknown, although his soul be taken.

Life is but Times fool, through death and aging

Within his span, what does he truly learn?

Lies reveal the truths of ones caging,

For years you’r life will be left for eyes to discern.

So what is a lie but a version of the truth,

Or some fantasy once told in our youth.


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The Shark and the Lark

shark and lark

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

As I wander through the dark

The reality I realized was very stark

Because at that moment I saw a shark

Alone in the ocean

He came to the surface to chase a lark

What a commotion


Posted by on May 11, 2009 in Humor, Scottish Stanza style


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