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If Tears Could



If only tears could manifest into the pain you’re feeling

Then maybe you could see the pain I’m living

This one single tear rolling down my face

Represents lack of that warming embrace

Represents a cupboard and refrigerator that’s bare

Represents yet another shutoff notice or no money to spare

Or another broken heart not yet done healing

We try but who notices

Definitely not the rich unless it’s you owing

I should definitely start whoring

Cause these bills keep mounting

And at least if I’m mounting the cash registers ringing

Her eyes met mine

Such happiness they portrayed

Who am I to show her reality?

And watch that light in her eyes slowly grow dim

Watch her waste away cause life’s too grim

Show me a man who has it all together

Who has not been declined at the register

I’ll show you a liar, a thief and a rebellious treason

All with good causes, they just don’t try to reason

One day you’ll begin to understand my struggle

And why I cry these tears for a reason


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I went to the riverside, but the river was dry

So I prayed for a miracle, but God wasn’t hearing me

All the time the devil was tempting me

I tried to resist but my patience ran thin

So I sold my soul for a bottle of gin

Got so drunk I began to sin

But I forgot that God’s always listening

But my soul was sold for material things

I did a stint in hell

Trying to repay a debt that can never be paid

But he said he’d never leave my side

I had to learn to be patient

No matter what situation was present

Cause in a palace I now lay

Where the water never runs dry


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A Poor Man’s Prayer

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Lord lend me a bit of food

So I can feed my hungry brood

And let my lights stay on till dawn

So my children can have a little more fun

I come to you lord on bended knee

Praying please let me keep my sanity

Once had a car that the repo took

They stole it outta my yard leaving me shook

But my misery is only compounding

My wife left me three months and counting

Said she wanted a rich man

So she can chill on a beach of jet black sand

My roofs sags and my floorboards creak

Lord please release us from this bad luck streak

I fantasize of better times

A day when I don’t have to sell these dimes

I had a job but they were “over strength”

Such a fancy word for fired but I took the hint

Some would say it ain’t that bad

But our daily life seems to drag

But lord I pray for the betterment of my children

I want them to experience the joys of good living

Lord just let me know if you’re even there

To hear this poor man’s little prayer


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