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By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



As I stand upon this hillside point

Looking out over streams, trees and grass

I feel rejuvenated

Able to tackle the life down below

As I stand above it all

The sun shines down upon my face


Embracing me with natural love

A few clouds form off to the west

Despair lingers

The cold winds whip through the country side

Oh how I wish

I could take the rays of sun

And offer warmth and happiness

To those oh so cloudy skies


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Before my Demise

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

I wanna love and be loved like never before

To toss my problems right out the door

To stand in the shadow of greatness

Or to feel the touch of a sweet caress

Before my demise I’d love to just watch the sky

And feel the raindrops as God cries

To stand at the mountaintop to observe and reflect

Or be among friends and not feel neglect

Yes, before my demise I wish life to be grand

Like an activist feels after taking a stand

A sense of accomplishment is what I seek

But I know I haven’t even reached my peak

There are many roads to travel

Many miles to drive

Many tears to shed

Many smiles to smile

Before my demise


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By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


So high in the sky we fly

Uplifted into an infinite peace

Worrisome thoughts cease to bother

Up here the calm is soothing

Free of the grime and crime below

So high so endless

Rejuvenating to the soul

My thoughts travel here often

When life has me down and out

When the world threatens a drought and I thirst for life

I think of those clear blue skies

The wind taking my breath of despair

Replacing it with cool and crisp motivation

Up here the problems don’t press down on me

I stand up proud and strong looking down from my cloud of strength

Looking down on those endless memories

My mind is clear but alert

Time moves on

I push on



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