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Standing in the Shade




Quietly progressing all of my days

Setbacks happen but they are but bumps in the road

Perceptions cast upon you, you have to live with and overcome

Perceptions are just opinions cast by uninformed people

Used to undermine your progress

So for once get out to the sunshine, because the shade hides the best of you


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A Slight Shade of Blue



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



Reveling in their true nature

A history of sadness

Embodied by emotions to strong to physically comprehend

But you try

Failing and failing again

But failing isn’t the end; it is but a buildup of half successes

Oh these weary blues

Emotions from which songs derive

Coursing through the soul

The only way to truly understand

Those days when the world has tilted to the negative

Inside the bad good always arises

To reclaim our spirits

But we’ll always have that slight shade of blue

So as to appreciate when the sun shines upon our face


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