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The Lady and Her Blues

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Lady sings the blues

Or maybe she’s speaking truth

Her words are soft and shy

Once loud and vocal

Her spirit was diminished

But I plan to replenish

What was once so fine

In her mind

I plan to take her back

But in a different history

Take her back to the roots of her beautiful history

Love her and please her

Kiss and caress her

Remind her that everything is fine

Just give me some time

Be patient with my methods

They don’t happen overnight

Cause messing with me

You go from singing blues

To romantic tunes

Love Jones and high soprano tones

I wish you could see that the future is clear

That I’m more than a man, I’m also a friend

I’m here to please you, tease you and never leave you

Cause a beautiful lady shouldn’t be singing the blues

She should be making a joyful noise


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8 things you probably don’t know about me


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

1. I am a lover and a fighter, which in my opinion is a good combination. I can be romantic and at the same time be the strong manly man!

2. I detest liars, especially when I can see right through your lie. There is nothing worse than a compulsive liar who isn’t even good at it!

3. I am 22 *will be 23 Oct 8* most people for some reason think I am older. Could someone please explain this to me?

4. I am a bedroom artist. Let me explain, I like to be very creative and open with my lady in the bedroom! With about 1 or 2 exceptions I will try anything once.

5. I give a very good massage; I am actually studying to be a massage therapist.

6. I am from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, yes it might not seem like it, but that’s where I was born and raised!

7. I am single and free, for some reason people still think I am married, guess everyone didn’t get the memo.

8. I love the number 8. To me it symbolizes the continuation of life and an endless cycle of birth and death.


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