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Ignorance isn’t Bliss




Ignorance isn’t bliss

It’s about as lovely as a kiss

From your worse enemy

Never been a friend to me

Ignorance destroyed the world’s sanity

Hurting lives like the pain of a cavity

Like the sting from whips of the past

Or the downfall that no Education has cast

Riddled with bullets from guns

Instead of bullets of knowledge

The real world is full of cons

Real knowledge preserved for the privileged

No, ignorance isn’t bliss

It’s felt like warm piss

Drank like liquor

Threw up by those drunk with it’s deceit

Wake up out of your stupor

The powers that be have hijacked your mind

The real War on Terror is attacking your thoughts

Using fear and poverty to lessen your power

Our biggest threat isn’t foreigners

My biggest threat is you




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Do it to ‘Em



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



I spit random thoughts displaying all of my faults

Baring my soul to a world so cold with hate and greed

But am I just as wrong for forcing you to read my thoughts

Forcing you to listen to a troubled mind

Making you wonder is he sane

I’m perfectly so

It’s the rest who visit insane asylums

Trying to learn what’s makes the mad tick

But maybe they are examining you

Seeing what makes you tock

They have no perception of time

See they have no clock

They are free to dream and wonder

No restraints from the status quo of the world

A world whose focus is a beauty you have to damn near die to get

Money you have to damn near die to keep

Love you go mad trying to find

Lust that burns inside

Fueling sinful deeds and thoughts

Drop this to the greedy politicos who play chess with the common man’s life

Making him suffer from their flaws

All flaws in all

Is his any different than mine

Cause I don’t have the pull he has

I don’t have the power he possesses

But it’s my power that gave him strength

So what if I take that shit away

Drop this in ya ear

We made ya and we can take ya


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Red vs. Blue

red and blue

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Scratch the surface of me

And you’ll find out what I am meant to be

A tiny voice hidden in a mass field of voices

Struggling to be heard by at least one

That one will tell another and another will tell another

That one day what was written by one inspired a generation

A lost people

A lost soul

To fight back against lies spoken and written by people that love misery

With greed they try to conquer your thoughts

Helping you to make decisions that do benefit you

But instead line their filthy pockets with all your hopes and dreams

Right wing conspiracy vs. Left wing controversy

Two sides fighting for their version of right

But what about the people that matter



The supposed United States broken up into Red and Blue

Why not join to make Purple states

Where the Red and Blue join together to make one

Converging ideas that make the ideal of the United States seem right and true

Politics sicken me

Politicians I despise

We elected you and we can take you away

Support each other for the betterment of US

For the betterment of WE

For the continued success of the United States


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Revolutionary Thinking





By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


A new day is born to the masses

Darkness becomes light shone down from most high

Fighting to survive in the earthly realm of violence and prosperity

Warriors and thinkers converge to change the times

Thought processes altered controlled by what we see and not what we feel

Standing on the mountaintop trying to touch the sky

To open up the glory revealed by what we read

The light shines upon the freedom promised by the past

The future revealed in small increments of knowledge spit out by pastors and politicians

Just enough to calm the mindset of the people who hear but not listen

Upon this land we stand Strong, Tested, and Prepared

To protect what we deem ours


The beautiful creation of the gifted

Censored by the eye in the sky

The man behind the mask

The false prophet





Common sense



Words of revolution

Words of power

Scare the fabric of old thinking

Embraced by the new generation

Together we rise

Divided we fall




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Sensory Overload


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


The land so foreign

The people so different

The beautiful birthplace of man, reduced to an eyesore of rubble

So much promise

So much potential

Swindled by deceit and lies

Old powers fall

New regimes rise

Rouge factions spew evil from their mouths

The use religion as a catalyst for destruction

Innocent lives of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters

Lost to senseless bickering and endless lies

The sham of progress motivates the politics of the situation

The new breed of terror pounces on the opportunity

Thoughts of change are trounced by words of hate

Will the violence ever end?

Will change overcome old thinking?

Millions of years from the past

Millions of years till the future

The times of the present determine our fate


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