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Standing in the Shade




Quietly progressing all of my days

Setbacks happen but they are but bumps in the road

Perceptions cast upon you, you have to live with and overcome

Perceptions are just opinions cast by uninformed people

Used to undermine your progress

So for once get out to the sunshine, because the shade hides the best of you


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Ignorance isn’t Bliss




Ignorance isn’t bliss

It’s about as lovely as a kiss

From your worse enemy

Never been a friend to me

Ignorance destroyed the world’s sanity

Hurting lives like the pain of a cavity

Like the sting from whips of the past

Or the downfall that no Education has cast

Riddled with bullets from guns

Instead of bullets of knowledge

The real world is full of cons

Real knowledge preserved for the privileged

No, ignorance isn’t bliss

It’s felt like warm piss

Drank like liquor

Threw up by those drunk with it’s deceit

Wake up out of your stupor

The powers that be have hijacked your mind

The real War on Terror is attacking your thoughts

Using fear and poverty to lessen your power

Our biggest threat isn’t foreigners

My biggest threat is you




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Outside my Window



Outside my window i smell the stench of poverty

The belief that we are next to nothing or one in the same

I see a man that thinks he’s nothing

He thinks he’s revolutionary, a renaissance man

He portrays the typical stereotype he was breed to follow

Ignorance is his mantra

He’s blind to the socioeconomic position he finds himself in

Nor does he care

Brokenhearted by the pains and scraps of society

He drives on in fear

Not of faith, but of man

He’s scared of his fellow man

The rich man laughs at the prospect of a free and equal society

It serves him no purpose, no merit

The poor will always be poor if they continue to live in the mentality that they are privileged

Religion blinded the eye of the realist, of the opportunist

They told him to wait on salvation and go through hardship and hard trials

They told him who he loves is wrong

Several men wrote the morals by which you follow

Still your’re blind to the facts

The facts that have been skewed by falsehoods and bullshit

Read young one

Reading opens the door to education

To understanding

To a true revolution that will not be televised

It will not be televised cause it’s in the mind

In the mind of the downtrodden

In the mind of the minority

Most importantly in the mind of the People

Outside my window i see hope

I see the Future




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Progressive Thinking

The road behind me no longer exist

Nothing but memories remain

So even if I wanted to backtrack physically

I can only do it mentally

But as time passes and my present becomes my future

I can’t redo what has been done

Nor would I like to

Progressive thinking moves us forward in life

Not the constricting shackles of conservative thought

Cause a dream once realized can be achieved

The roadblocks of hate and misunderstanding

Coupled with ignorance and pure laziness

Only keep us in the dark ages

The one with the bright shining light in a sea of darkness

His name is future

His name is hope

No one can love you in the dark unless they’ve seen you in the light

Remember than when you try for commitment

You make the life you live and prepare the future you’d like

So open your minds and hearts

Close your mouths and legs

And for once really think


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Last Percenters



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




We that strive to BE

Strive to achieve regardless of where we were BRED

Regardless of the tragedies we endure or the hard times we FACE

It is WE the Last Percenters WE who are SELFLESS


We’re the percent that the 1% FORGOT

The 2% who fight for FREEDOM

The 12% that society enslaved and REPRESSED

We’re political FODDER

The ones to which religion PANDERS

The ones that hope for a better DAY

Not just hope, but take steps to make that hope a REALITY

Our 15 minutes comes and goes, but it ENDURES

It has staying POWER

They can’t silence our VOICE

That can’t stymie our DRIVE

They can only watch us WORK

Watch us ACHIEVE

Create policies and laws as ROADBLOCKS

But as the Great Maya Angelou said “Still I Rise”

The light still SHINES

We are collectively POWERFUL

Divided we FALL

That seems to be the GOAL

But we live to fight another DAY

We are the Last PERCENTERS

The voice of the Past, Present and FUTURE


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Do it to ‘Em



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



I spit random thoughts displaying all of my faults

Baring my soul to a world so cold with hate and greed

But am I just as wrong for forcing you to read my thoughts

Forcing you to listen to a troubled mind

Making you wonder is he sane

I’m perfectly so

It’s the rest who visit insane asylums

Trying to learn what’s makes the mad tick

But maybe they are examining you

Seeing what makes you tock

They have no perception of time

See they have no clock

They are free to dream and wonder

No restraints from the status quo of the world

A world whose focus is a beauty you have to damn near die to get

Money you have to damn near die to keep

Love you go mad trying to find

Lust that burns inside

Fueling sinful deeds and thoughts

Drop this to the greedy politicos who play chess with the common man’s life

Making him suffer from their flaws

All flaws in all

Is his any different than mine

Cause I don’t have the pull he has

I don’t have the power he possesses

But it’s my power that gave him strength

So what if I take that shit away

Drop this in ya ear

We made ya and we can take ya


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What American Dream

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Perceptions skewered by preconceptions

Enriched by hatred and racism

Stoked by the powers that divide

Why must we bend to the will of money?

I’m classy but in the wrong class

Apparently I’m only second class

Rich folks won’t even give me a second glance

Tell me I’m over qualified for work that good ole boy is qualified for

Shit we had the same credentials

But I excelled further

But they couldn’t see that while looking at my color

Cause I didn’t have an Armani suit

Cause my watch didn’t bling like Rolex

Cause I came from an area where the crime rises higher than the buildings

Now lying defunct and abandoned

Why hath thou been forsaken?

Reganomics ruined my economics

But that’s not an excuse

Cause at my heart I’m a hustler

Out for my piece of the pie

The American dream is but a myth crafted by Wall Street

With our blank check from China

Off the backs of the poor and middle class

Whom they also call second class

Cause first class get’s the lobster and shrimp

While I’m in the back eating stale pretzels


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