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Circles of Life and Love


Once you start believing in self

Your potential opens closed doors

Actions manifest from words once spoken

Life begins to complete the circle

But the circle starts to bend and break

It’s out of shape and forming a box

Inside this box you’ve closed your mind

Outside this box you’ve left your love

Alas, you wear hermits clothing

Sheltered from a world you no longer know

New ideas are foreign to you

New love you can’t seem to find

If you’d but form that circle once more

And let the love that comes flow freely

Opening your mind and heart to what’s in store

You’d life life abundantly once more


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My Mistakes

my mistakes

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

I say I’m sorry, but is it enough

I apologize, but is it sincere

Friendships redeemed through difficult times

But do I deserve such forgiveness

I hurt you

I hurt everyone

My intent was not as he seemed to be portrayed

Maybe I tried too hard to fit

This puzzle piece is so hard to place

Maybe I pushed too hard for companionship

So the lonely days could just fade away

Maybe I’m too nice, too humble, and too genuine

The man that I am is so ashamed

My mother would be disgraced to find

Such atrocities committed by a man she fashioned to be better than the rest

My sincere apologies for my fatal flaw

That broke the bonds of trust and friendship

Please believe me when I say

That these words written are meant to be uttered

To a willing ear, an open mind and a forgiving heart

Yes, I did the dirty deeds

Not physically but mentally, but it’s just as bad

Please forgive me for my sinning heart

And give me a chance to prove my worth

A chance to prove that I am that man I was meant to be

My mistake

A lonely heart


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Absent from Destiny


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

My creativity is set back by life’s circumstances

My destiny, a dream within reach

But life said, not yet, this nuance you must face

I’ve conquered many obstacles and these I’m sure shall pass

As I sit and think a spell, it gives me fodder for creativity

See life is full of setbacks, which steer us away from our dreams

But I intend to use them to further my craft

A craft slowly being perfected by destinies calling

Pushing on through anything thrown in my path

Life’s little test make me stronger

Giving me an advantage and an opportunity to create something beautiful

Life’s work has to proceed or you’d not have the will to create

I’m tested and strong, born of the most high

Absent from destiny I will not be

Cause I am the master of the direction I take

Strong wills and light hearts

Open mindedness and free thinking are the tools of my trade

Absent from destiny

I refuse that fate

I’m taking hold of my dreams and making them come true


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