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Rags to riches

This constant grind Is killing my time
Draining my mind
I just want to be free
To sit on the beach and sip tea
Man what a life that would be
Instead I’m stuck in this routine
Trying to find a free moment
Where I can just be me
But see I’m not granted that freedom
I live in the slums
Where I work around bums
While the rich
Enjoy a nice dinner
Prepared by servants
With no more than the dime flipped to the valet
As he drives away in a car he’ll never afford
He contemplates evil thoughts
It’s not his fault
This system is designed for him to fail
Till that one bum makes it ahead
What a hard road to travel fir a piece of bread
But struggle comes to the meek
Through that struggle we shall seek
The promised land
Not promised to us
But dammit imma take my share


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Tired of Being the Fool

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

How could you ever walk away?

After all I’ve done for you

Took kindness and made it a useless gesture

Breaking my heart beyond repair

You watched them beat me mentally

Emotionally scarring me

You stood by while they slandered my name

And still I stood by

Still I provided

Still I paved a way

For your success

Your best interest was always mine

But mine was never yours

I was only a way out

A way away from that ghetto you were destined to rot in

The same ghetto I made it out of

You should understand my plight

But that around the way dick was too much to lose

I guess

Mine is just as good

But the next one will get better

Guess I’ll never learn my lesson

Being someone else’s fool


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Security Breach



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



I once trusted your usefulness

Now I see you’re useless

Unable to make a simple decision

A decision simple but also complex at the amount of lives it affects

But you don’t see that struggle

You sit fat and happy behind fine oak

Soft plush chairs

Ultra modern themes

Counting your stacks of money

While the rest of us starve

I wish I could rely on your competence

But now I see clearly

The wool has been pulled from my eyes

I see your corruption as plan as a summer day

Millions of live depend on your decisions

But you can’t even make simple ones

Where all you need to do is compromise

Come together as one

But the old time feel has arrived

Back to Jim Crow and Segregation

Battle of the classes

The rich and the poor

The haves and have not’s

Well we second class citizens have had it with your leadership

You play us like chess pieces

We’re no longer a pawn in your game

We are free

If not physically then in our minds

Because thoughts begat actions

And our awakening has begun


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No Pay=No Work




By: Tony Lavale Jefferson, Jr.




There is definitely a class system in the America and the military seems to be at the very bottom of it. The military trains and fights to keep the country safe, continue the American way of life and stand up for what’s right in the world. At the same time we are people too. We have families, children, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers. We are not machines nor are we zombies. I don’t know a person in this world, who would work without pay and they shouldn’t have to in this day in age. It’s 2011 after all and the old ways of doing things are all but obsolete or so we would think. Whenever our country calls us to duty we deliver, but when we need the country to support us we are often times left in the dark, with no support and no answers. Only questions of our livelihood, how to feed and clothe our families, how to make this thing called life work for us as well. We deploy to countless foreign countries spend years away from our loved ones, make sure our country is secure and prosperous, only to come back and get shafted by the system that isn’t designed with us included. We’re second class citizens, the true minority. Yes, this is a thankless job, we all swore an oath to defend and protect, but we deserve to be treated as humans, as people who breathe and care, as equals. We’re not bred to die, we’re born to live. How dare you cast us down, overlook us, discriminate against us when it is us that makes you who you are. Thank a veteran; congratulate a military member on making it back from a warzone safely. Visit a VA and see the sacrifices we’ve made for the country and the people who live in it. Visit a memorial and see the countless names on the walls that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. So please talk to your congressmen. Tell them we don’t care if they are Democrat or Republican; tell them to think about the have-nots for once. Tell them that on April 8, 2011 we need a budget that works for the people. Millions of family’s wellbeing depends on it.


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Nothing to Lose

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Out there in them streets it is crucial

Life flows in slow motion

Dragging along tormenting souls day to day

Forever stuck in a rut of hopelessness

But I have no collateral

I have no borrowed time

Nothing to lose but my pride and my sanity

It’s amazing what you do in desperate times

When everything isn’t exactly fine

When your down to your very last dime

Trying to struggle for a way

When you don’t know if you’ll make it through the day

But my blessings are all spent

No way to pay my rent

And this situation puts a dent

In my reality

God says he has the power to change the world

But how do I believe when I can not see

But I do

Cause I have nothing to lose


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Down in the Bayou

down in the bayou

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

This amazing beat that trembles my feet

And rocks me, rocks me till I sleep

Every day the beats brand new

Falling from the sky like the morning dew

It draws me in and swings me out

This the type of music I’m talking about

Making me dance the night away

Making me twist, shout and sway

The feeling I feel is like no other

Moving like a hot skillet with creamy butter

I juke and dance like a madman’s pants

Then I up and ran with this exciting band

As the bootleggers chased us into the woods

Down in the bayou where the roasters roost

Where the snakes come out and give you a boost

We run and run with our lives on the line

Just to jump in boggy water at the drop of a dime

This adventurous night is far from over

Till the sun rises west and makes the night turn older

Those bootleggers said with a loud shout

“Bring my money fo I shoot ya light out”

I ran and ran cause they can’t catch me

Till I ran into some cops trying to arrest me

Took me down to county 15 miles up the road

On the way there we ran over a toad

Slick, sticky mess turned the cop car over

I didn’t care cause I was outta there

Running to the sun way down in the bayou


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Empty Nothings


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

No money, no love, not a place to call my own

Empty pockets, empty hearts and a weathered shell of emptiness

Where do you find such lovely amenities?

Love, passion and wealth galore

To the four corners I have searched and as the wind blows I am carried further away from loveliness

But nothing is found

Not one passionate heart

Not one empty shack

A simple man I portray myself as

Not asking for too much

Just three simple completions to my long and empty life

What is a man that has nothing?

Others must be so lucky, blessed or highly favored

No greenbacks for me

Not one goodnight kiss

Not even an apartment on the east side of town

Am I cursed, rejected or down on my luck

Or am I just delusional to reality and neglecting the facts

Only looking at the surface

Instead of what’s beneath

Cause one I look within

Happiness sought is already within my grasp

Love of self, family and friends as well

Money in my pocket not too much or too little

Home is where the heart is

It’s also what you make it

A place where empty nothings cannot dwell

Instead just full completeness


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