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There Once was a Man



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




There once was a man on a quest for greatness

One thing stood in his way

He spent most his life searching for that one thing that held him back

He’d always blame others for his shortcomings

Losing love and friends along the way

His life was destructive, because he over endulged

He seemed to lack dicipline or be in touch with reality

In his mind he made others happy, but all they really wondered was if he was ok

He’d boast and brag and hide from the truth

But deep inside he longed

He hurt

Thing about hurt is it grows

It consumes

It can destroy

He sat one day

All alone

Thinking of why his life seemed to be in shambles

In a moment of clarity

He saw the truth

The truth was he was his own worst enemy

He was what held him back

He was the other half of his failed relationships

He was the reason for many of his ills

In his search for the truth

He found a startling revelation

Truth seekers often try to find the truth

They have to be prepared to accept it for what it is

He accepted this truth


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Moments of Clarity



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Moments of clarity as the drunks call it

A moment when you realize the path of your life

When you realize you are truly grown and in control of your destiny

A destiny not controlled by anyone but yourself

I seek love like every other, just don’t acknowledge it

Yes, maybe I’m in denial, but it is stress free

Except when I am really in need

When I realize man is not meant to be alone

I love hard but love often fucks me

Hard with no loving often fucks me

Having its way as I drown in misery

One day I shall find the path to my destiny

But for now I’m just living life as it comes

I realize I’m an angry young man

A man that has a daughter and a responsibility to raise her as a respectable woman

That I will do with the help of God

With the help of my family

With the assistance of my friends

I love hard

My moment of clarity is making money and loving with all I have

Regardless of the outcome


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