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Fight for Freedom



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



Soon I’ll be free to write my own story

No longer up at dawns ass crack

No longer fighting in some forign land

But truly free

Free to make my own choice

Suffer my own consequence

Be my own man

Free to explore and invent

To distort and prevent

My own ruin or success

Soon I’ll be free to roam the world

Not as a warrior

But in peace


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No Pay=No Work




By: Tony Lavale Jefferson, Jr.




There is definitely a class system in the America and the military seems to be at the very bottom of it. The military trains and fights to keep the country safe, continue the American way of life and stand up for what’s right in the world. At the same time we are people too. We have families, children, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers. We are not machines nor are we zombies. I don’t know a person in this world, who would work without pay and they shouldn’t have to in this day in age. It’s 2011 after all and the old ways of doing things are all but obsolete or so we would think. Whenever our country calls us to duty we deliver, but when we need the country to support us we are often times left in the dark, with no support and no answers. Only questions of our livelihood, how to feed and clothe our families, how to make this thing called life work for us as well. We deploy to countless foreign countries spend years away from our loved ones, make sure our country is secure and prosperous, only to come back and get shafted by the system that isn’t designed with us included. We’re second class citizens, the true minority. Yes, this is a thankless job, we all swore an oath to defend and protect, but we deserve to be treated as humans, as people who breathe and care, as equals. We’re not bred to die, we’re born to live. How dare you cast us down, overlook us, discriminate against us when it is us that makes you who you are. Thank a veteran; congratulate a military member on making it back from a warzone safely. Visit a VA and see the sacrifices we’ve made for the country and the people who live in it. Visit a memorial and see the countless names on the walls that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. So please talk to your congressmen. Tell them we don’t care if they are Democrat or Republican; tell them to think about the have-nots for once. Tell them that on April 8, 2011 we need a budget that works for the people. Millions of family’s wellbeing depends on it.


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Freedoms Patriots



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


We fight for another

One another

And another

The voice of the masses

Matching might and wit

Conquering all enemies foreign and domestic

We sacrifice a lot in defense of our nation

Our lives, our families, and our sanity

Nevertheless, we do it without complaint

Who else would take on such a mighty responsibility?

Three hundred million vs. two million

Young, strong freedom fighters

Soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen

Twenty four seven

Three sixty five

Through fire and ice

Through blowing sand and bullet storms

We fight

Not because we have to

But because it is a duty we swore to uphold

Lives torn

Lives lost

Veterans return to a different home

Applaud, congratulate, and embrace us heroes

We are freedoms patriots

Protecting and serving





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Sensory Overload


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


The land so foreign

The people so different

The beautiful birthplace of man, reduced to an eyesore of rubble

So much promise

So much potential

Swindled by deceit and lies

Old powers fall

New regimes rise

Rouge factions spew evil from their mouths

The use religion as a catalyst for destruction

Innocent lives of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters

Lost to senseless bickering and endless lies

The sham of progress motivates the politics of the situation

The new breed of terror pounces on the opportunity

Thoughts of change are trounced by words of hate

Will the violence ever end?

Will change overcome old thinking?

Millions of years from the past

Millions of years till the future

The times of the present determine our fate


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