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Circles of Life and Love


Once you start believing in self

Your potential opens closed doors

Actions manifest from words once spoken

Life begins to complete the circle

But the circle starts to bend and break

It’s out of shape and forming a box

Inside this box you’ve closed your mind

Outside this box you’ve left your love

Alas, you wear hermits clothing

Sheltered from a world you no longer know

New ideas are foreign to you

New love you can’t seem to find

If you’d but form that circle once more

And let the love that comes flow freely

Opening your mind and heart to what’s in store

You’d life life abundantly once more


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Love is

What is love but a fantasy
A combination of lust and like
Twisting our perceptions of forever
Making us wish and pray for unattainable things
Things that make us cry and sing
Sad songs and depressing words
But we rejoice when we find that balance
Between lust and like
But falter when it doesn’t go how the storybooks claim
No more searching for what is or isn’t
I’ll just go with the flow of life
Liking and lusting on my own terms


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My Passion



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




Brings happiness when the day has turned a blind eye

To my despair a light some call it hope

Arises to strengthen me against my troubles

Through the fire I’ve survived suffocating heat

From the fires that burn within me

Motivating me to create artwork with words

On blank canvases with only a pen to guide my thoughts

I find that love takes me to new heights

Where I am no longer afraid to fall

Cause at the bottom I land feet first

Standing on my own two

Holding destiny in my hands

The past eats away at my heels trying to draw me back

Into that dark place under the rock built by my fears and guilt

The future looms ahead beckoning me with its wonderful sites

I only catch a glimpse from my light tower of hope

Many seas separate me from my goal

But I will climb the highest mountain

Swim the darkest sea

Endure the most pain and sorrow

To reach that peak

That peak fuels me throughout this thing we call life

Challenging me to keep going

Keeping me grounded but at the same time letting me fly freely

This passion burns pleasing me

My temptress seducing me

Music flows throughout the room

Enticing my senses

Caressing me in a tight hug caramel brown arms surround me

Whispering in my ear that everything is ok

Comforting me as I continue my journey

My passion is loyal

Never betraying the truth that I have put into

The heart of the emotion

As my journey continues my life’s book is being written

Forever I’ll strive

Forever I’ll love

My dear passion

Many things in life catch your eye

But only a few will catch your heart


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Open my Heart once more




By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Mesmerizing melodies entice my senses

Once dead feelings are ignited again by your warm embrace

I long to feel whole again and this time must be right

Past relations teaches that these feelings of love don’t last

They rush in like a raging river and go out like a dying hurricane

Destruction of the heart is the after affects of this emotion

This time is different

This time is true

Cause when I open my heart once more

I’m gonna harness that feeling of floating butterflies

Feelings growing strong like the tree of life

No sin shall harm this paradise

Indestructible hearts burning with the fires of lasting love

So easily broken unless both sides form a deeper bond

I pledge my trust to you

I uplift you spirit with my everlasting love

I make your heart and mind explode with passion and pleasure

So many questions invade my thoughts

But day after day you answer

Your actions tell me a story

Your personality the most caring of all

Your touch so full of love and caring

Your smile warms the heart from the cold winds of despair

Matters of the heart are tough to deal

But to you I promise to open my heart once more


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