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Circles of Life and Love


Once you start believing in self

Your potential opens closed doors

Actions manifest from words once spoken

Life begins to complete the circle

But the circle starts to bend and break

It’s out of shape and forming a box

Inside this box you’ve closed your mind

Outside this box you’ve left your love

Alas, you wear hermits clothing

Sheltered from a world you no longer know

New ideas are foreign to you

New love you can’t seem to find

If you’d but form that circle once more

And let the love that comes flow freely

Opening your mind and heart to what’s in store

You’d life life abundantly once more


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Miles of life

Miles and miles outside my door
Millions more in my past
I wonder can I walk another step
before that one is my last
Can I have another chance to right my wrongs
Or is it too late to care
Along this mile I’ve pondered
Where will my road end
Will I be filled with riches
Or die a meager existence
Will I have found true love
Or died living a lonely life
Hopefully on this road I’ve helped someone, loved someone, been somebody
Any heart I’ve broken, I hope it heals
Any life I’ve taken, I mourn everyday
Forgive me for the man I am
Forget the man I was
Remember the man I’ll become


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Love will never die

Some say love will never die
And it won’t
One day the wind shall cease
And mother earth will not be caressed
One day my body will rot
And you’ll forget me or maybe not
But love, love will never die
I once loved a lady and she loved me back
But somewhere down the line life had a setback
And love was forgot
Love never died we just chose to ignore it
Never nurtured it
Instead we buried it
But love, love well never die
I will one day leave your side my love
But love, real love will never die
And it’ll hold your heart eternally


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Hidden in the Shadows





By: Tony Lavale Jefferson, Jr.


 Stay strong young blood your time will come

Love will find you and keep you warm

You can never keep a strong person down

Their soul will rise as does the sun

And that light that shines down upon the world

Is the same light that brightens the heart

I tried to bring that light to you

But you hid in the shadows of misery

Comforted  by the demons you hold

Afraid to try to erase your fears

Scared I’d be just like one of them

What you must understand is that life isn’t perfect

No stairway to heaven is in this place

So in order to cope you must show your face

The true one

Not the mask you chose to hide behind

Give love a chance to fester and grow

Or go back down that road you’ve traveled

Never knowing what love can offer


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The Lady and Her Blues

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Lady sings the blues

Or maybe she’s speaking truth

Her words are soft and shy

Once loud and vocal

Her spirit was diminished

But I plan to replenish

What was once so fine

In her mind

I plan to take her back

But in a different history

Take her back to the roots of her beautiful history

Love her and please her

Kiss and caress her

Remind her that everything is fine

Just give me some time

Be patient with my methods

They don’t happen overnight

Cause messing with me

You go from singing blues

To romantic tunes

Love Jones and high soprano tones

I wish you could see that the future is clear

That I’m more than a man, I’m also a friend

I’m here to please you, tease you and never leave you

Cause a beautiful lady shouldn’t be singing the blues

She should be making a joyful noise


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The First Love Letter




By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


That first embrace

That loving touch

Those nights when we watched the moon

Wax and wane

Life lifes aches and pains

You always rememeber the times when love had you

When it cared for you

Wrapped in it’s arms

I love you and I always will

Are words whispered in my ear

Oh how I love for that feeling

That feeling I got

From that first love letter


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Stormy Clouds


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Stormy weather don’t last too long
Eventually the wind carries the clouds away
Revealing a bright sun full of promise
Kind of like new days full of new things
New experiences
New love
Love that last, although often troubled by dark times
The true test is to weather the storm, wherever it might take you
To expect brighter days
Those stormy clouds will come
Darkening your day
Just remember the sun is always shining somewhere
Eventually it will shine for you


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