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Circles of Life and Love


Once you start believing in self

Your potential opens closed doors

Actions manifest from words once spoken

Life begins to complete the circle

But the circle starts to bend and break

It’s out of shape and forming a box

Inside this box you’ve closed your mind

Outside this box you’ve left your love

Alas, you wear hermits clothing

Sheltered from a world you no longer know

New ideas are foreign to you

New love you can’t seem to find

If you’d but form that circle once more

And let the love that comes flow freely

Opening your mind and heart to what’s in store

You’d life life abundantly once more


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This is Life



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr



Just when we thought all was well

We get set back

Almost like a cast spell

Exploiting what we lack

Despite all of this

We are still winning

Like our first kiss

In the beginning

Like that pride we feel

When we finally get that girl

That is until

She shatters our whole world

But despite all of this

We are still winning

Like taking a refreshing piss

On their linen

You can’t end unless you begin

You can’t close unless you first open

Your heart might be wrought with sin

But your soul will never cheapen

Cause despite all of this

We are still winning

Still living in a state of bliss

Cause life is for the living

And this is life


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An Angry Poets Cry

angry poet

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Don’t doom me to live an empty life

So I can live out the rest of my years in strife

Please save me from my horrible past

Can someone hear me out there at last?

I’m tired of these fuck ups skating through

While I struggle along battling through the zoo

Leaderships eroded

Glad I told it

Where’s my reward or recognition?

Somewhere skewered into disfiguration

At night I cry with silent tears

Cause I been neglected for all these years

I was always told to work hard and you’ll get your way

But it seems as if the lazy and good for nothing get all the praise

Is this the way everyone else was raised?

To disrespect, disrupt, and discourage others

I thought we were all supposed to be brothers

And let’s not forget the sisters

Who pass you by without even a hi

But expect respect and to be treated most high

These people I swear get under my skin

But in the morning I replace the skin I’m in

They don’t deserve my honest reply

All they deserve is a damn lie

The world has become so self-centered

And all of your self-respect has surrendered

Seems like I fell down the wrong path sometimes

Like everyone else has the luck of the times

But then I reflect and see the truth

Cause all of those problems are under one roof

Come peek inside and seem my struggle

Then take a look at another’s trouble

That mothers pride hidden inside

But what she’s really thinking is suicide

That fathers stride as he walks to work

His car at home because it’s broke

No money to fix it

No money to nix it

Just a daily existence no one could imagine

But today’s world doesn’t care to imagine

To busy passing the problem to another

Instead of stopping one day to help another


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The Forsaken City

forsaken city

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

The culture of deceit rises high

High enough to touch the grimy sky

Filled with the cries of the forsaken, the forgotten, the cursed

Misery coats the city streets with greed and depression

The people no longer care, for they are numb to any positive light that might shine upon them

Beautiful people, masked by the ugliness of the environment that preys upon their sanity

Forsaken, defeated, trampled by the rising cost of living

The lights struggle to stay lit; the water comes out in chunks

The leaders of the city are but figure heads with a status

They don’t know the struggle of the people

Or they do but do they really care

As long as they can sit fat at the table of success

No one else in the city matters a bit

So the crime rises and takes hold

The drugs become bold and strangles the life out of the youth

Good friends turn to enemies

And the people forget their own kind

They are just existing, not truly living

Working but not succeeding

Liking but not loving


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