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Lies become Truth


Lead me not on the journey of Truth

Tell me lies.Honesty is not Honest

Fabrications as high as rooftops but not my roof,

Lies are nothing but a word adjust:

O my! Why do you feel pain?

It is but words that leave you shaken;

That truth will drive you to shame,

Whose worth unknown, although his soul be taken.

Life is but Times fool, through death and aging

Within his span, what does he truly learn?

Lies reveal the truths of ones caging,

For years you’r life will be left for eyes to discern.

So what is a lie but a version of the truth,

Or some fantasy once told in our youth.


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Twisted Secrets



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



My secret lies between twisted lies

Lies never uttered from my lips

Placed there by hating eyes

Twisted minds

Spill strange motives

Is it me?

Or is it a conspiracy

Bred by ancient hate

From a distant past

What is the secret?

Where is the truth?

Cause I speak what I feel

No need for fairy tales

I seek what’s real

Twisted secrets masked as lies

Lies told to hide you from the world

Are you afraid of being exposed for who you truly are?

Or do you just live in a sad existence

Whatever the case

My truth shines bright

Bringing me joy in the day or night


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Something Sweet

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Oh how I wonder

Oh how it would feel

To gaze upon beauty

Surrounded by grace

You’re tried and true

Hurt by a few

Bad seeds

Spoiling the rest of the batch

You’ve persevered through cat calls from long ago

Telling you unspeakable things

Spreading unthinkable lies

But I see you for you

Not what they say you are

Cause they say what she would say and what he thought

He speaks from the lust in his heart

He wants what he can’t have

But I have it

I have you

She compliments your style in the worse way

We call those haters

Swag fakers whose shine has long dulled

Cause their hearts can’t feel what I feel

Lips can’t taste what I taste

Hands can’t feel what I feel

Appreciating ever sensual detail

Your screams of pleasure vibrate throughout my night

The ears of those near cringe in disgust

But we are pleasured and satisfied

You’re not what they say you are

You’re what she says and what he thinks

To me you’re simple something sweet


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This Topsy Turvy World


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


From the outside in

From the inside out

The world we see has gone crazy

Lost its ever loving mind

Gone are the days of prosperity

Forgotten is the struggle of our forefathers

Was it all a dream?

Is our existence morphed into this twisted reality?

We are susceptible to lies

Threatened by fear

I am enraged by all that I see

My pleas are ignored

My vision disputed

The blind eyes don’t see the tragedy unfolding

Our people turn to others and chastise their own

Dismissing where they come from

Ignorant and close minded we become

Common sense is lost to our society

Eroded by the constant saturation of stupidity

Bring me a change

Open up our minds

Unlock our hearts

We see the tragedy but fail to change our destiny

“If we don’t learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it in the future”


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False Motives


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Don’t deceive me with your games

Your lies abuse my ears, like flies in the summertime

What once sounded loving and true, has turned sour with my revelation

Your deception caused a horrible pain in my heart

This pain shook me

Our love, I thought, was strong and true

Until your false motives destroyed that too

You lead me on with thoughts and dreams

Just to bring me down to my knees

This trick you pulled on my heart and soul

Destroyed my confidence

Destroyed my trust

I thought our bond was unshakable

I believed in your every word

You initial actions were sweet and kind

Then time passed and your actions eroded the fabric of our existence

Your thoughts weren’t clear

Your passionate heart turned cold

We were living a lie

Your false motives tore us apart


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