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By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



As I stand upon this hillside point

Looking out over streams, trees and grass

I feel rejuvenated

Able to tackle the life down below

As I stand above it all

The sun shines down upon my face


Embracing me with natural love

A few clouds form off to the west

Despair lingers

The cold winds whip through the country side

Oh how I wish

I could take the rays of sun

And offer warmth and happiness

To those oh so cloudy skies


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The Way to the Top




By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



No matter the misgivings and adverse situations of the past

We shall at one given time in life rise

To the top

Rising high above naysayers and doubters

Our spirit grows with an abundance of love

Love crafted over the years by a personality not seen by most but appreciated by those that matter

Tough love

Forgiving like our Creator said we should be

We rise up and are strong examples

For the younger generations

Generations who craft their ideas from the paths opened by the former

Because at the top, the change is implemented

But from the bottom we all rise

Struggling through years we’d rather forget

But we must remember so we learn from our success and mistakes

Rise to the top

And fulfill your destiny


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Perfect Match


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

It’s always said that that special woman there

Waiting for you to take her hand

Intelligence abounds within her

A caring and nurturing soul

Independence and common sense sets her apart from the others

Her style is original, unique and suave

Just to hear her voice, makes your day soar

The longest mile she’ll travel for you

The first and last of your wonderful day

Her smile brightens the night sky and calms the day

Your perfect match

One God created for you

The simple things are all she enjoys

Her happiness is your reward

The pleasure is deep and fulfilling

I use to sit and wonder why women were just so wrong

Then in she came to change my thoughts

And offered me something more

I use to say those guys are lucky, until I discovered her

The perfect match was there all along

Helping you through the times

The perfect example of a woman’s work

Is what has be bestowed upon me


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Hello 2009


Hello 2009


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Hello 2009

What do you have in store for me?

Bring me peace

Bring me joy

A year of change I hope you will be

Love, peace and soul the theme of yesteryear

Brought back into focus for the New Year

The rough times of 2008 have come and gone

2009 show me the way

My journey starts anew as all journeys do

This time I want it right

This time will be better

The time will ascend to new heights of success and well being

New experience, new love, new times

2009 will be my year

2009 is my awakening


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