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Hidden in the Shadows





By: Tony Lavale Jefferson, Jr.


 Stay strong young blood your time will come

Love will find you and keep you warm

You can never keep a strong person down

Their soul will rise as does the sun

And that light that shines down upon the world

Is the same light that brightens the heart

I tried to bring that light to you

But you hid in the shadows of misery

Comforted  by the demons you hold

Afraid to try to erase your fears

Scared I’d be just like one of them

What you must understand is that life isn’t perfect

No stairway to heaven is in this place

So in order to cope you must show your face

The true one

Not the mask you chose to hide behind

Give love a chance to fester and grow

Or go back down that road you’ve traveled

Never knowing what love can offer


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