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Happy Fathers Day from Poetic MindState


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A Moment in Life (My first Father’s Day 2011)



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



I take this time to reflect

As I stare into her beautiful eyes

Eyes quite like mine

I realize in that moment that I am her father

Her provider

Her protector

Ours is a bind that is rare

Shared only by the few and the proud

Our love is unbreakable

For if that day happens the earth shall shatter within seconds

Forever shaking the core of the base called love

I love this girl

This is little girl

This little girl that I am blessed to see

Blessed to hold

For the first time I can see the love from another

And she’s only 11 months

My own was absent

His reasons I’ll never truly know

Outside influences distracted our bond

He made a bond with something destructive

Instead of something reviving and refreshing

Love is what I speak of

The love of a father

I have the opportunity to share that love with another

To my father, who’s not biological, but the best example of what a father should be Ernie Weathers

To my mother who fulfilled that role as well Mary Weathers

To myself a new father

And to all whom care for their own in any capacity, even if they are not your own.

I salute you

Happy Father’s Day 2011


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