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Happy Fathers Day from Poetic MindState


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Sometimes as a Man I Cry

Sometimes as a man I cry
Not because I’m sensitive
But it seems I take alot on these days
The pressures of being a young, single black father
To a beautiful little black girl
It seems I fail even when I try in some eyes
But I succeed, even when I have nothing
Because she has everything I give, I’m rich
Not in a monetary sense
But I’m rich with life
Filled to the brim with joy
But sometimes as a man I cry
Not because I’m sensitive
Because in this world I’m a target
A young black soldier with potential
My enemies are both foreign and domestic
I’m more worried about the domestic
They see me as a criminal ready to dine and dash
As a nigger with no class
As a nigga that’s quick to act an ass
I’m but a man
Someones brother, father, son and friend
Because of that everything else drifts outta away like sand in the desert
But sometimes as a man I cry
Not because I’m sensitive
Sometimes a woman wants the softer side
A man that loves, cares and tries
To be her all
But I don’t think they truly know what they want
But neither do I so who am I to judge
I’m but a man among millions, living in this land with a plan.
I’ll admit that sometimes as a man I cry


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Happy Thanksgiving



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


I want to take the time to give thanks to God for making all life and enjoyment possible.

My family despite our shortcomings and negatives we have a lot of positive, stay strong in the faith and love that we all possess.

I want to thank my mom Mary Weathers for enduring labor to bring me into this world, God willing.

I want to thank God for blessing me with my one and only child Olivia Jefferson, you are my light and my grace. Much Love!

I want to thank God for blessing wit hthe foresight to call it quits with the military, thank you for not letting me ruin my life with reenlistment.

I want to thank the Jeffersons, Shavers, Weathers and all other of my families for blessing me with the attributes I have today.

I’ve came a long ways, from the darkness to the light and it wouldn’t be possible without the family, friends and associates I surround myself with on a daily.

I want to thank the Army, yes the Army, for providing me wit the strength to get through any and everything.

Thank the men and women who serve and have served beside me in battle and to those who are still fighting, I wish you could be home with your families.

Thank President Obama for remaining strong despite the evil that fights you everyday, trying to deny your plans and help.

Thanking my friends new and old for being a part of my life ya’ll are truly a blessing and an enjoyment to be around.

Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


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A Moment in Life (My first Father’s Day 2011)



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



I take this time to reflect

As I stare into her beautiful eyes

Eyes quite like mine

I realize in that moment that I am her father

Her provider

Her protector

Ours is a bind that is rare

Shared only by the few and the proud

Our love is unbreakable

For if that day happens the earth shall shatter within seconds

Forever shaking the core of the base called love

I love this girl

This is little girl

This little girl that I am blessed to see

Blessed to hold

For the first time I can see the love from another

And she’s only 11 months

My own was absent

His reasons I’ll never truly know

Outside influences distracted our bond

He made a bond with something destructive

Instead of something reviving and refreshing

Love is what I speak of

The love of a father

I have the opportunity to share that love with another

To my father, who’s not biological, but the best example of what a father should be Ernie Weathers

To my mother who fulfilled that role as well Mary Weathers

To myself a new father

And to all whom care for their own in any capacity, even if they are not your own.

I salute you

Happy Father’s Day 2011


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Letter to Olivia


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

My heart burst with joy as you entered my life
From the first time I laid eyes upon you
My heart beat the rhythmic best of love
Ooo Olivia
My loving daughter
The smile you make with those two little teeth
Fills my day with laughter and joy
At times you torture me to no end
You cry and whine
Fall out and shout
But I wouldn’t give our special away
Through the good and bad
I’ll always be there
Whether far or near
Sick or well
Forever or love eternal


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A Change Gonna Come/Daddy Time



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


I know in the past this blog has mainly been about poetry. Well, I realize people need more content, more of an experience. So while not steering away from the main theme of the site, which is poetry. I want to incorporate other things like a daily newsletter, quotes that I make up, pictures from wherever I travel, etc. So to start this thing off I want to tell you about my experience with being a new father.


It was love at first sight. As soon as I stepped off of the plane, we locked eyes and our worlds changed forever. I’m talking of course about my first time seeing my daughter Olivia. This was my first time physically seeing her, as she was born while I was deployed to Iraq. Months and months of pictures, email, and Skype at come down to this moment. It is a moment I will cherish as long as I live.

Olivia might look like an adorable little cutie that wouldn’t do any wrong and she is at times. There are two sides to Olivia from what I have seen thus far. They are what I call her Diva side and there is the Olivia side. The Diva side comes at a moment’s notice and it involves a lot of crying, catering and almost overwhelming frustration. You’d be amazed at how someone so little can cause so much strife. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The Olivia side involves smiling, laughing (oh what a cute little laugh), and lots of play time.

There is another side that doesn’t involve her physically. That is the parent/business side, where I and her mom Sara, pay bills, buy food and lots of diapers for those stinky times. The whole mechanics of this whole process is overwhelming at first, but after awhile it is routine. Having a little girl isn’t easy, but I know that this is only the beginning on our long journey.

Now the only part I am dreading is those Teen years. OUCH!


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Captured Memories



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



Your smile brightens my long and dusty day

Tired from the strain of a thousand men

In your face I see innocence

A face void of the troubles affecting the world around you

Beautiful you are

Like a flower in the springtime blooming

Like the love me and your mother share

As time grows so do you

It seems like yesterday you were just entering the world

Sounding off with that miraculous cry

Strong and vibrant

You sealed a once broken bond

Linking two pieces that had been lost for so long

Your lovely memories captured in pictures

Pictures that bring tears to my eyes

Cause I long to be there with you

I wish a picture could capture love

So I could carry you with me for eternity

In my heart is a special place I never knew existed until you came into our life

My daughter

Proud father

Loving mother

Captured memories


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