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Happy Fathers Day from Poetic MindState


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Happy Thanksgiving



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


I want to take the time to give thanks to God for making all life and enjoyment possible.

My family despite our shortcomings and negatives we have a lot of positive, stay strong in the faith and love that we all possess.

I want to thank my mom Mary Weathers for enduring labor to bring me into this world, God willing.

I want to thank God for blessing me with my one and only child Olivia Jefferson, you are my light and my grace. Much Love!

I want to thank God for blessing wit hthe foresight to call it quits with the military, thank you for not letting me ruin my life with reenlistment.

I want to thank the Jeffersons, Shavers, Weathers and all other of my families for blessing me with the attributes I have today.

I’ve came a long ways, from the darkness to the light and it wouldn’t be possible without the family, friends and associates I surround myself with on a daily.

I want to thank the Army, yes the Army, for providing me wit the strength to get through any and everything.

Thank the men and women who serve and have served beside me in battle and to those who are still fighting, I wish you could be home with your families.

Thank President Obama for remaining strong despite the evil that fights you everyday, trying to deny your plans and help.

Thanking my friends new and old for being a part of my life ya’ll are truly a blessing and an enjoyment to be around.

Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Letter to Olivia


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

My heart burst with joy as you entered my life
From the first time I laid eyes upon you
My heart beat the rhythmic best of love
Ooo Olivia
My loving daughter
The smile you make with those two little teeth
Fills my day with laughter and joy
At times you torture me to no end
You cry and whine
Fall out and shout
But I wouldn’t give our special away
Through the good and bad
I’ll always be there
Whether far or near
Sick or well
Forever or love eternal


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No Pay=No Work




By: Tony Lavale Jefferson, Jr.




There is definitely a class system in the America and the military seems to be at the very bottom of it. The military trains and fights to keep the country safe, continue the American way of life and stand up for what’s right in the world. At the same time we are people too. We have families, children, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers. We are not machines nor are we zombies. I don’t know a person in this world, who would work without pay and they shouldn’t have to in this day in age. It’s 2011 after all and the old ways of doing things are all but obsolete or so we would think. Whenever our country calls us to duty we deliver, but when we need the country to support us we are often times left in the dark, with no support and no answers. Only questions of our livelihood, how to feed and clothe our families, how to make this thing called life work for us as well. We deploy to countless foreign countries spend years away from our loved ones, make sure our country is secure and prosperous, only to come back and get shafted by the system that isn’t designed with us included. We’re second class citizens, the true minority. Yes, this is a thankless job, we all swore an oath to defend and protect, but we deserve to be treated as humans, as people who breathe and care, as equals. We’re not bred to die, we’re born to live. How dare you cast us down, overlook us, discriminate against us when it is us that makes you who you are. Thank a veteran; congratulate a military member on making it back from a warzone safely. Visit a VA and see the sacrifices we’ve made for the country and the people who live in it. Visit a memorial and see the countless names on the walls that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. So please talk to your congressmen. Tell them we don’t care if they are Democrat or Republican; tell them to think about the have-nots for once. Tell them that on April 8, 2011 we need a budget that works for the people. Millions of family’s wellbeing depends on it.


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Gone from the world, but not from my Heart



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




As we come into the world with grace

We never leave it even as we leave the world

Problems that restrained us here don’t follow us in the hereafter

Loved ones don’t fret, my spirit still envelopes you

Guiding you in the right direction

Just as I did when I was alive

I love you forever

When I say forever I mean it

Cause with God I reside and his love is forever

Worry not my love

My trials have ended

My heart beats a new rhythm

I am in the Lords choir and I rejoice and sing each day

I see you with your head held low

But with your head low you can’t see the heavens

And possible see a glimpse of my spirit

My love shines down on you

Just keep your head held high

Till we meet again



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Blessings of a Father

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

The news that I’m having a little girl

Sends me in such an excited swirl

Tears of joy flow from my eyes

Cause this is one of those happy times

Though you’re physically here yet

I’m in love with someone I’ve never met

Visions of you asleep in your crib

Or sitting in my lap with your Baby Phat bib

I look forward to the simple things, like pica boo

Even changing your diaper when you poo

Late night wakes and bonding time

Walks through the park to ease our minds

Still can’t believe I’m gonna be a father

Because of you I’m gonna work harder

For now you’re kicking in your mom’s womb

I get excited when I touch her stomach and feel you move

You truly are my life’s achievement

Cause not everyone is blessed to be a father


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Freedoms Patriots



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


We fight for another

One another

And another

The voice of the masses

Matching might and wit

Conquering all enemies foreign and domestic

We sacrifice a lot in defense of our nation

Our lives, our families, and our sanity

Nevertheless, we do it without complaint

Who else would take on such a mighty responsibility?

Three hundred million vs. two million

Young, strong freedom fighters

Soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen

Twenty four seven

Three sixty five

Through fire and ice

Through blowing sand and bullet storms

We fight

Not because we have to

But because it is a duty we swore to uphold

Lives torn

Lives lost

Veterans return to a different home

Applaud, congratulate, and embrace us heroes

We are freedoms patriots

Protecting and serving





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