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I went to the riverside, but the river was dry

So I prayed for a miracle, but God wasn’t hearing me

All the time the devil was tempting me

I tried to resist but my patience ran thin

So I sold my soul for a bottle of gin

Got so drunk I began to sin

But I forgot that God’s always listening

But my soul was sold for material things

I did a stint in hell

Trying to repay a debt that can never be paid

But he said he’d never leave my side

I had to learn to be patient

No matter what situation was present

Cause in a palace I now lay

Where the water never runs dry


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Bad Luck Vibes

bad luck vibes

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

My good fortune comes to a screeching halt

But is this bad luck my entire fault?

Or because I stood at the crossroads and fought

With the devil or was it God?

Boy what a mighty force

That knocked me off my feet

Call me crazy but for a minute I heard sheet


Life goes on but at a slow and broken pace

I’ve been marked by the evil that seeps from the pores of the most hated

Marked like a slave, marked like the damned in the end

A black cloud follows me till eternity

It digs my grave for me to rot in

Rotten stench of bad vibes

Bad vibes that torture my soul

Killing what good is left and replacing it with luck of the forsaken

God grant me a reprieve

Put me back in your good graces

Before the evil sucks me into a never-ending hell


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Angry Mindset


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Anger builds

Tension rises

Emotions flare

My thoughts turn sinister and visions of evil play scenes in my mind

 Everyone’s a fucking target

Everyone gets what’s coming to them

Violence overtakes my body

I become its tool of destruction

Feeding off of the energies of the weak and pitiful

Fuck them all and fuck them twice

The devil has come to roost and I’m bringing my all

 I strike all that oppose me and bring ill will to all

I am the bearer of bad news
the angel of deceit

The spoiler of the good life

My goal in the world is simple

 To make each and every person miserable

Make them feel horrible



I will do whatever it takes at whatever the cost

 Fuck the Good Samaritan

I’ll leave your ass to die

I’ll kick sand in your teeth

 My boiling point has been exceeded

I enjoy your suffering

You are dirt under my feet

Something to be pitied

 Blood is rushing

Hormones are jumping

Adrenaline is pumping

 I want to turn your smile upside down

 I want to make your day the worse ever


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