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Ignorance isn’t Bliss




Ignorance isn’t bliss

It’s about as lovely as a kiss

From your worse enemy

Never been a friend to me

Ignorance destroyed the world’s sanity

Hurting lives like the pain of a cavity

Like the sting from whips of the past

Or the downfall that no Education has cast

Riddled with bullets from guns

Instead of bullets of knowledge

The real world is full of cons

Real knowledge preserved for the privileged

No, ignorance isn’t bliss

It’s felt like warm piss

Drank like liquor

Threw up by those drunk with it’s deceit

Wake up out of your stupor

The powers that be have hijacked your mind

The real War on Terror is attacking your thoughts

Using fear and poverty to lessen your power

Our biggest threat isn’t foreigners

My biggest threat is you




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Outside my Window



Outside my window i smell the stench of poverty

The belief that we are next to nothing or one in the same

I see a man that thinks he’s nothing

He thinks he’s revolutionary, a renaissance man

He portrays the typical stereotype he was breed to follow

Ignorance is his mantra

He’s blind to the socioeconomic position he finds himself in

Nor does he care

Brokenhearted by the pains and scraps of society

He drives on in fear

Not of faith, but of man

He’s scared of his fellow man

The rich man laughs at the prospect of a free and equal society

It serves him no purpose, no merit

The poor will always be poor if they continue to live in the mentality that they are privileged

Religion blinded the eye of the realist, of the opportunist

They told him to wait on salvation and go through hardship and hard trials

They told him who he loves is wrong

Several men wrote the morals by which you follow

Still your’re blind to the facts

The facts that have been skewed by falsehoods and bullshit

Read young one

Reading opens the door to education

To understanding

To a true revolution that will not be televised

It will not be televised cause it’s in the mind

In the mind of the downtrodden

In the mind of the minority

Most importantly in the mind of the People

Outside my window i see hope

I see the Future




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Are We Backtracking on Martin Luther King’s Dream?



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



As I look at society today, I can’t help but ask the title question. The overall message of King’s Dream was equality. Race, sex, class and others are but branches of equality that we have to achieve balance in. Have we transcended all of these to form a more perfect union? Yes and No. On the surface, our country has made huge strides in equality.

Majority of the country regardless of what you look like or how much money you make vote in elections, we all can have the opportunity to make money, we have the option to marry whom we please, and we have a member of the minority as President. These are surface achievements that often hide the truth path of equality in America.

New voter laws threaten to disparage and put at a disadvantage certain groups, certain candidates come out in the open with racial and class hatred; people are still killed because they may not share the same moral and fundamental values, and these are few of many things in today’s world that we still face. Granted we’ve made great strides, but these incidents threaten to take us back to a time where equality wasn’t the top priority in this nation. Take us back to dark times, violent and turbulent times in our history, that we’d rather forget than relive. It’s been said that if we don’t learn from history, we’ll be doomed to repeat it. That statement rings true as several laws that guaranteed equality are suddenly being retracted, certain freedoms we once had are disappearing.

There have been several battles throughout history in the name of equality. Native Americans, Women, African Americans, Asian Americans, and our current battles with Hispanic Americans, Homosexuals and Class warfare, have all had their moment in the sun with their fight for equality. As a powerful nation, it should be us that set the example for the world. Instead we’re divided by politics and little differences and our country looks like a kindergarten classroom, full of short sighted ideas and immaturity. Who’s to say blacks and whites can’t be friends, that a man can’t marry another man, that because you’re white you’re entitled to the best or because you’re poor you shouldn’t have the same as a rich man? Who dictates these rules?

St. Augustine once said “An Unjust Law is no Law at all”, in saying this many issues with trying to become equal or trying to save your rights are unjust in the eyes of those that make the laws, but the reaction they give is unjust as well. There is a thin balance, right now in this country, razor thin. Any little thing can tip the scales in either direction. Either we move forward into the future or get buried in the past.

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