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Love will never die

Some say love will never die
And it won’t
One day the wind shall cease
And mother earth will not be caressed
One day my body will rot
And you’ll forget me or maybe not
But love, love will never die
I once loved a lady and she loved me back
But somewhere down the line life had a setback
And love was forgot
Love never died we just chose to ignore it
Never nurtured it
Instead we buried it
But love, love well never die
I will one day leave your side my love
But love, real love will never die
And it’ll hold your heart eternally


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My Passion



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




Brings happiness when the day has turned a blind eye

To my despair a light some call it hope

Arises to strengthen me against my troubles

Through the fire I’ve survived suffocating heat

From the fires that burn within me

Motivating me to create artwork with words

On blank canvases with only a pen to guide my thoughts

I find that love takes me to new heights

Where I am no longer afraid to fall

Cause at the bottom I land feet first

Standing on my own two

Holding destiny in my hands

The past eats away at my heels trying to draw me back

Into that dark place under the rock built by my fears and guilt

The future looms ahead beckoning me with its wonderful sites

I only catch a glimpse from my light tower of hope

Many seas separate me from my goal

But I will climb the highest mountain

Swim the darkest sea

Endure the most pain and sorrow

To reach that peak

That peak fuels me throughout this thing we call life

Challenging me to keep going

Keeping me grounded but at the same time letting me fly freely

This passion burns pleasing me

My temptress seducing me

Music flows throughout the room

Enticing my senses

Caressing me in a tight hug caramel brown arms surround me

Whispering in my ear that everything is ok

Comforting me as I continue my journey

My passion is loyal

Never betraying the truth that I have put into

The heart of the emotion

As my journey continues my life’s book is being written

Forever I’ll strive

Forever I’ll love

My dear passion

Many things in life catch your eye

But only a few will catch your heart


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Definition of Love

love passion

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Sitting around awhile

Staring into each other’s eyes

Trying to feel that longing feeling

That feeling of completeness

Our emotions slowly draw us together into a kiss

Our hesitant kisses turn into blissful sensations

O lady tell me what it is you feel

As you feel my lips upon your lips

Tell me where to go from here

Cause this feeling I’ve never felt

This journey we’re on has just begun

The excitement we feel as we lay

As we lay upon satin sheets

Made for lovers such as ourselves

Your head lay’s on my chest

Your ear hears loves rhythm as it plays our favorite song

I caress you on so softly

Feeling the skin that’s as soft as fine silk

Warm like the suns gift to planet earth

Again we kiss




Sparks don’t fly

Instead they stay within to heighten loves senses

This feeling we feel can’t be lust

Only love can feel this way

The protector wrapping his arms around your nurturing soul

Passion not hidden but open for the world to see

Not ashamed to show the emotions felt between us

Love is defined by our passionate eyes

As we stare into each other’s soul

Defined by our sensitive touch

As we lay

Defined by words not just said but meant

As I whisper I love you into your waiting ear

Defined by the sacrifice of relationships

As your needs become mine and vice versa

Defined by us





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Got your Mind in Circles

mind circles



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


I got your head spinning

When I’m lyrically spitting

These words that caress your soul

And when it’s all said and told

I got you in my hold

The whispers of my flow got you tripping on your toes

You catch a good rhythm from my melodious prose

You love the sound of my melodious voice

Will you go home with me; well… that’s your choice

My connotations of sound let you unwind

My musical show makes you slow grind

My words become hands that caress your curves

We dance and dance a topsy turve

Your knees get weak when you hear me speak

The privilege is yours this ain’t for the meek

When you get with me girl I’ll make you speak

In tongues never heard with a kiss on the cheek


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