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The Lady and Her Blues

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Lady sings the blues

Or maybe she’s speaking truth

Her words are soft and shy

Once loud and vocal

Her spirit was diminished

But I plan to replenish

What was once so fine

In her mind

I plan to take her back

But in a different history

Take her back to the roots of her beautiful history

Love her and please her

Kiss and caress her

Remind her that everything is fine

Just give me some time

Be patient with my methods

They don’t happen overnight

Cause messing with me

You go from singing blues

To romantic tunes

Love Jones and high soprano tones

I wish you could see that the future is clear

That I’m more than a man, I’m also a friend

I’m here to please you, tease you and never leave you

Cause a beautiful lady shouldn’t be singing the blues

She should be making a joyful noise


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Stay a Little While Longer


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



Why don’t you stay a little while longer

Cause baby when you are gone nothings right

I just don’t know I just don’t know

What to do

I just wish that time would go slower

So I could truly

Truly enjoy you

Where have you been all my life girl?

Or was I just overlooking the obvious

Stay a little while longer

So I can

I can get next to you girl

You make me feel so good baby

Good enough to take on the day

My life my life has changed baby

Ever since you

Walked through my door

I’m so glad to have you round girl

So please just stay a little while longer


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Tired of Being the Fool

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

How could you ever walk away?

After all I’ve done for you

Took kindness and made it a useless gesture

Breaking my heart beyond repair

You watched them beat me mentally

Emotionally scarring me

You stood by while they slandered my name

And still I stood by

Still I provided

Still I paved a way

For your success

Your best interest was always mine

But mine was never yours

I was only a way out

A way away from that ghetto you were destined to rot in

The same ghetto I made it out of

You should understand my plight

But that around the way dick was too much to lose

I guess

Mine is just as good

But the next one will get better

Guess I’ll never learn my lesson

Being someone else’s fool


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Down in the Bayou

down in the bayou

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

This amazing beat that trembles my feet

And rocks me, rocks me till I sleep

Every day the beats brand new

Falling from the sky like the morning dew

It draws me in and swings me out

This the type of music I’m talking about

Making me dance the night away

Making me twist, shout and sway

The feeling I feel is like no other

Moving like a hot skillet with creamy butter

I juke and dance like a madman’s pants

Then I up and ran with this exciting band

As the bootleggers chased us into the woods

Down in the bayou where the roasters roost

Where the snakes come out and give you a boost

We run and run with our lives on the line

Just to jump in boggy water at the drop of a dime

This adventurous night is far from over

Till the sun rises west and makes the night turn older

Those bootleggers said with a loud shout

“Bring my money fo I shoot ya light out”

I ran and ran cause they can’t catch me

Till I ran into some cops trying to arrest me

Took me down to county 15 miles up the road

On the way there we ran over a toad

Slick, sticky mess turned the cop car over

I didn’t care cause I was outta there

Running to the sun way down in the bayou


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