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Love will never die

Some say love will never die
And it won’t
One day the wind shall cease
And mother earth will not be caressed
One day my body will rot
And you’ll forget me or maybe not
But love, love will never die
I once loved a lady and she loved me back
But somewhere down the line life had a setback
And love was forgot
Love never died we just chose to ignore it
Never nurtured it
Instead we buried it
But love, love well never die
I will one day leave your side my love
But love, real love will never die
And it’ll hold your heart eternally


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Sometimes as a Man I Cry

Sometimes as a man I cry
Not because I’m sensitive
But it seems I take alot on these days
The pressures of being a young, single black father
To a beautiful little black girl
It seems I fail even when I try in some eyes
But I succeed, even when I have nothing
Because she has everything I give, I’m rich
Not in a monetary sense
But I’m rich with life
Filled to the brim with joy
But sometimes as a man I cry
Not because I’m sensitive
Because in this world I’m a target
A young black soldier with potential
My enemies are both foreign and domestic
I’m more worried about the domestic
They see me as a criminal ready to dine and dash
As a nigger with no class
As a nigga that’s quick to act an ass
I’m but a man
Someones brother, father, son and friend
Because of that everything else drifts outta away like sand in the desert
But sometimes as a man I cry
Not because I’m sensitive
Sometimes a woman wants the softer side
A man that loves, cares and tries
To be her all
But I don’t think they truly know what they want
But neither do I so who am I to judge
I’m but a man among millions, living in this land with a plan.
I’ll admit that sometimes as a man I cry


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The Lady and Her Blues

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Lady sings the blues

Or maybe she’s speaking truth

Her words are soft and shy

Once loud and vocal

Her spirit was diminished

But I plan to replenish

What was once so fine

In her mind

I plan to take her back

But in a different history

Take her back to the roots of her beautiful history

Love her and please her

Kiss and caress her

Remind her that everything is fine

Just give me some time

Be patient with my methods

They don’t happen overnight

Cause messing with me

You go from singing blues

To romantic tunes

Love Jones and high soprano tones

I wish you could see that the future is clear

That I’m more than a man, I’m also a friend

I’m here to please you, tease you and never leave you

Cause a beautiful lady shouldn’t be singing the blues

She should be making a joyful noise


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The First Love Letter




By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


That first embrace

That loving touch

Those nights when we watched the moon

Wax and wane

Life lifes aches and pains

You always rememeber the times when love had you

When it cared for you

Wrapped in it’s arms

I love you and I always will

Are words whispered in my ear

Oh how I love for that feeling

That feeling I got

From that first love letter


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Stormy Clouds


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Stormy weather don’t last too long
Eventually the wind carries the clouds away
Revealing a bright sun full of promise
Kind of like new days full of new things
New experiences
New love
Love that last, although often troubled by dark times
The true test is to weather the storm, wherever it might take you
To expect brighter days
Those stormy clouds will come
Darkening your day
Just remember the sun is always shining somewhere
Eventually it will shine for you


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There Once was a Man



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




There once was a man on a quest for greatness

One thing stood in his way

He spent most his life searching for that one thing that held him back

He’d always blame others for his shortcomings

Losing love and friends along the way

His life was destructive, because he over endulged

He seemed to lack dicipline or be in touch with reality

In his mind he made others happy, but all they really wondered was if he was ok

He’d boast and brag and hide from the truth

But deep inside he longed

He hurt

Thing about hurt is it grows

It consumes

It can destroy

He sat one day

All alone

Thinking of why his life seemed to be in shambles

In a moment of clarity

He saw the truth

The truth was he was his own worst enemy

He was what held him back

He was the other half of his failed relationships

He was the reason for many of his ills

In his search for the truth

He found a startling revelation

Truth seekers often try to find the truth

They have to be prepared to accept it for what it is

He accepted this truth


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Denying Love I Deserve



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




I can no longer pretend my heart has turned cold

When the embers still burn red hot

I can no longer deny the passion I feel

The loneliness is felt on a daily

I wonder what the feeling feels like again

The feeling of being loved and loving back

What does my future hold?

I miss the feeling

The feeling of being wanted



But am I truly ready

Or is it loneliness speaking again


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