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Standing in the Shade




Quietly progressing all of my days

Setbacks happen but they are but bumps in the road

Perceptions cast upon you, you have to live with and overcome

Perceptions are just opinions cast by uninformed people

Used to undermine your progress

So for once get out to the sunshine, because the shade hides the best of you


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Outside my Window



Outside my window i smell the stench of poverty

The belief that we are next to nothing or one in the same

I see a man that thinks he’s nothing

He thinks he’s revolutionary, a renaissance man

He portrays the typical stereotype he was breed to follow

Ignorance is his mantra

He’s blind to the socioeconomic position he finds himself in

Nor does he care

Brokenhearted by the pains and scraps of society

He drives on in fear

Not of faith, but of man

He’s scared of his fellow man

The rich man laughs at the prospect of a free and equal society

It serves him no purpose, no merit

The poor will always be poor if they continue to live in the mentality that they are privileged

Religion blinded the eye of the realist, of the opportunist

They told him to wait on salvation and go through hardship and hard trials

They told him who he loves is wrong

Several men wrote the morals by which you follow

Still your’re blind to the facts

The facts that have been skewed by falsehoods and bullshit

Read young one

Reading opens the door to education

To understanding

To a true revolution that will not be televised

It will not be televised cause it’s in the mind

In the mind of the downtrodden

In the mind of the minority

Most importantly in the mind of the People

Outside my window i see hope

I see the Future




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Circles of Life and Love


Once you start believing in self

Your potential opens closed doors

Actions manifest from words once spoken

Life begins to complete the circle

But the circle starts to bend and break

It’s out of shape and forming a box

Inside this box you’ve closed your mind

Outside this box you’ve left your love

Alas, you wear hermits clothing

Sheltered from a world you no longer know

New ideas are foreign to you

New love you can’t seem to find

If you’d but form that circle once more

And let the love that comes flow freely

Opening your mind and heart to what’s in store

You’d life life abundantly once more


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Quarter-Life Crisis




Many of us go through it both men and women, but I can only speak from a male’s point of view. This disaster that I am just now starting to recover from, this “Quarter-Life Crisis” is an essential point in a person’s life. It usually occurs in the mid 20’s, right around the time your life is just starting to come together. The many pains and pressures you encounter are just phases of growth, but in your mind it’s close to the end of the world.

The financial, emotional, mental stressors that are constantly bombarding you, will drive you insane, but for good reason. These are but test of your will and your ability to handle certain aspects of life. Some turn to unsavory activities in order to cope (mine was alcohol) but these influences only make the situation worse, sometimes prolonging your recovery. Yes, this is the time where people tend to try to rush into life heart first, not thinking, but acting on impulse, much like a child.

From marriage, to children, to college, careers and etc, you’re on a constant move trying to achieve it all in as short a time as possible. Somewhere in all of this craziness, our brain says I’m done and starts the process of slowing down, but your body didn’t get the message. So you crash and things start to fail or so you think. In your mind now, you’re moving too fast and you still have a lot of young life to live. Partying, clubbing, drinking and the like, you start to lose your focus on the important things you were rushing after. So now your life is at a crossroads, you can’t find a balance, but in reality you can. You just have to remember to take things slowly and don’t try to tackle life all at once.

Marriage can wait; you need to establish yourself anyway before inviting someone else in. If you have children, as I do, you have to incorporate them into your future, many of the things you wanted to do will have to take a back seat, but not all the way back. The first opportunities to dream chase you get take hold of it and don’t let go. Involve that little one in the process; it makes it more rewarding and fun. Quarter-Life crisis aren’t Mid-Life crises, because most times you don’t have the cash to go splurge on things, you’re having enough trouble filling the fridge or your tank. It is important, because it teaches you to slow down and really figure out what it is you are doing.

The most important thing is recovering; all of those bad habits you continued or picked up, you have to slowly drop. Around this age health issues start and in order to nip them in the bud, slowing down on drinking, quitting smoking and not going out so much help you to focus on important things. Getting your finances in order is #1 because without good credit, you spend more and things are less accessible to you. Also if you’re trying to have a long term relationship and marriage, finances is an important thing to have handled, that way you focus more on love than whose debt is whose. You’re also setting a great example for your children when it comes to handling money. They’ll hopefully grow into fiscally responsible adults themselves as a result of your teachings.

The Quarter-Life crisis isn’t the end of the world, it is the beginning of more rewarding and challenging times and because you survived this, you have a great chance of handling your business in the future.


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Progressive Thinking

The road behind me no longer exist

Nothing but memories remain

So even if I wanted to backtrack physically

I can only do it mentally

But as time passes and my present becomes my future

I can’t redo what has been done

Nor would I like to

Progressive thinking moves us forward in life

Not the constricting shackles of conservative thought

Cause a dream once realized can be achieved

The roadblocks of hate and misunderstanding

Coupled with ignorance and pure laziness

Only keep us in the dark ages

The one with the bright shining light in a sea of darkness

His name is future

His name is hope

No one can love you in the dark unless they’ve seen you in the light

Remember than when you try for commitment

You make the life you live and prepare the future you’d like

So open your minds and hearts

Close your mouths and legs

And for once really think


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I went to the riverside, but the river was dry

So I prayed for a miracle, but God wasn’t hearing me

All the time the devil was tempting me

I tried to resist but my patience ran thin

So I sold my soul for a bottle of gin

Got so drunk I began to sin

But I forgot that God’s always listening

But my soul was sold for material things

I did a stint in hell

Trying to repay a debt that can never be paid

But he said he’d never leave my side

I had to learn to be patient

No matter what situation was present

Cause in a palace I now lay

Where the water never runs dry


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Rags to riches

This constant grind Is killing my time
Draining my mind
I just want to be free
To sit on the beach and sip tea
Man what a life that would be
Instead I’m stuck in this routine
Trying to find a free moment
Where I can just be me
But see I’m not granted that freedom
I live in the slums
Where I work around bums
While the rich
Enjoy a nice dinner
Prepared by servants
With no more than the dime flipped to the valet
As he drives away in a car he’ll never afford
He contemplates evil thoughts
It’s not his fault
This system is designed for him to fail
Till that one bum makes it ahead
What a hard road to travel fir a piece of bread
But struggle comes to the meek
Through that struggle we shall seek
The promised land
Not promised to us
But dammit imma take my share


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