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Smile in the Face of Ignorance




In all my years of life, I’ve seen ignorance in different forms.  I’ve tried unsuccessfully to combat it, often fighting fire with fire. Now that I have a clearer understanding of this human condition, I just smile. Smiling has been one of the most successful defenses against perceived ignorance and the results are phenomenal.

The ignorant one often is confused as to why you find humor in their stupidity and it makes them look even more like a fool than their usual self. I’ve met the most ignorance online, people often hide, cowardly behind a screen, desperately wasting time coming up with what they perceive to be a funny anecdote. Time wasted on an idea that is sure to backfire is ignorance in itself. The process is called trolling, where a user spends quite a bit of precious time searching for a way to annoy intelligence.

These people, called Trolls, get their kicks from perusing the internet in discussion groups, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, trying to interrupt and disturb topics they themselves aren’t familiar with. Some people will entertain the idiot until they either tire of their silly game or get roasted so bad that they aren’t seen again. Another trolling incident involves a serious status, tweet, discussion, etc that is interrupted by the stupidity of a troll. The troll knows now the situation but injects their idiotic brand of humor into a situation that doesn’t require or call for comedy.

The best thing to do in these situations is smile, but it is often entertaining for us intellects to bait the troll in intelligent conversation, their intent is to anger and annoy, but when you counter their illogical thinking you see that they are empty shells of nothingness and not really worth your time.

So smile in the face of ignorance and know that you the intelligent one won a battle in the long war against ignorance.

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Quarter-Life Crisis




Many of us go through it both men and women, but I can only speak from a male’s point of view. This disaster that I am just now starting to recover from, this “Quarter-Life Crisis” is an essential point in a person’s life. It usually occurs in the mid 20’s, right around the time your life is just starting to come together. The many pains and pressures you encounter are just phases of growth, but in your mind it’s close to the end of the world.

The financial, emotional, mental stressors that are constantly bombarding you, will drive you insane, but for good reason. These are but test of your will and your ability to handle certain aspects of life. Some turn to unsavory activities in order to cope (mine was alcohol) but these influences only make the situation worse, sometimes prolonging your recovery. Yes, this is the time where people tend to try to rush into life heart first, not thinking, but acting on impulse, much like a child.

From marriage, to children, to college, careers and etc, you’re on a constant move trying to achieve it all in as short a time as possible. Somewhere in all of this craziness, our brain says I’m done and starts the process of slowing down, but your body didn’t get the message. So you crash and things start to fail or so you think. In your mind now, you’re moving too fast and you still have a lot of young life to live. Partying, clubbing, drinking and the like, you start to lose your focus on the important things you were rushing after. So now your life is at a crossroads, you can’t find a balance, but in reality you can. You just have to remember to take things slowly and don’t try to tackle life all at once.

Marriage can wait; you need to establish yourself anyway before inviting someone else in. If you have children, as I do, you have to incorporate them into your future, many of the things you wanted to do will have to take a back seat, but not all the way back. The first opportunities to dream chase you get take hold of it and don’t let go. Involve that little one in the process; it makes it more rewarding and fun. Quarter-Life crisis aren’t Mid-Life crises, because most times you don’t have the cash to go splurge on things, you’re having enough trouble filling the fridge or your tank. It is important, because it teaches you to slow down and really figure out what it is you are doing.

The most important thing is recovering; all of those bad habits you continued or picked up, you have to slowly drop. Around this age health issues start and in order to nip them in the bud, slowing down on drinking, quitting smoking and not going out so much help you to focus on important things. Getting your finances in order is #1 because without good credit, you spend more and things are less accessible to you. Also if you’re trying to have a long term relationship and marriage, finances is an important thing to have handled, that way you focus more on love than whose debt is whose. You’re also setting a great example for your children when it comes to handling money. They’ll hopefully grow into fiscally responsible adults themselves as a result of your teachings.

The Quarter-Life crisis isn’t the end of the world, it is the beginning of more rewarding and challenging times and because you survived this, you have a great chance of handling your business in the future.


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Are We Backtracking on Martin Luther King’s Dream?



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



As I look at society today, I can’t help but ask the title question. The overall message of King’s Dream was equality. Race, sex, class and others are but branches of equality that we have to achieve balance in. Have we transcended all of these to form a more perfect union? Yes and No. On the surface, our country has made huge strides in equality.

Majority of the country regardless of what you look like or how much money you make vote in elections, we all can have the opportunity to make money, we have the option to marry whom we please, and we have a member of the minority as President. These are surface achievements that often hide the truth path of equality in America.

New voter laws threaten to disparage and put at a disadvantage certain groups, certain candidates come out in the open with racial and class hatred; people are still killed because they may not share the same moral and fundamental values, and these are few of many things in today’s world that we still face. Granted we’ve made great strides, but these incidents threaten to take us back to a time where equality wasn’t the top priority in this nation. Take us back to dark times, violent and turbulent times in our history, that we’d rather forget than relive. It’s been said that if we don’t learn from history, we’ll be doomed to repeat it. That statement rings true as several laws that guaranteed equality are suddenly being retracted, certain freedoms we once had are disappearing.

There have been several battles throughout history in the name of equality. Native Americans, Women, African Americans, Asian Americans, and our current battles with Hispanic Americans, Homosexuals and Class warfare, have all had their moment in the sun with their fight for equality. As a powerful nation, it should be us that set the example for the world. Instead we’re divided by politics and little differences and our country looks like a kindergarten classroom, full of short sighted ideas and immaturity. Who’s to say blacks and whites can’t be friends, that a man can’t marry another man, that because you’re white you’re entitled to the best or because you’re poor you shouldn’t have the same as a rich man? Who dictates these rules?

St. Augustine once said “An Unjust Law is no Law at all”, in saying this many issues with trying to become equal or trying to save your rights are unjust in the eyes of those that make the laws, but the reaction they give is unjust as well. There is a thin balance, right now in this country, razor thin. Any little thing can tip the scales in either direction. Either we move forward into the future or get buried in the past.

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There Once was a Man



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




There once was a man on a quest for greatness

One thing stood in his way

He spent most his life searching for that one thing that held him back

He’d always blame others for his shortcomings

Losing love and friends along the way

His life was destructive, because he over endulged

He seemed to lack dicipline or be in touch with reality

In his mind he made others happy, but all they really wondered was if he was ok

He’d boast and brag and hide from the truth

But deep inside he longed

He hurt

Thing about hurt is it grows

It consumes

It can destroy

He sat one day

All alone

Thinking of why his life seemed to be in shambles

In a moment of clarity

He saw the truth

The truth was he was his own worst enemy

He was what held him back

He was the other half of his failed relationships

He was the reason for many of his ills

In his search for the truth

He found a startling revelation

Truth seekers often try to find the truth

They have to be prepared to accept it for what it is

He accepted this truth


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What American Dream

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Perceptions skewered by preconceptions

Enriched by hatred and racism

Stoked by the powers that divide

Why must we bend to the will of money?

I’m classy but in the wrong class

Apparently I’m only second class

Rich folks won’t even give me a second glance

Tell me I’m over qualified for work that good ole boy is qualified for

Shit we had the same credentials

But I excelled further

But they couldn’t see that while looking at my color

Cause I didn’t have an Armani suit

Cause my watch didn’t bling like Rolex

Cause I came from an area where the crime rises higher than the buildings

Now lying defunct and abandoned

Why hath thou been forsaken?

Reganomics ruined my economics

But that’s not an excuse

Cause at my heart I’m a hustler

Out for my piece of the pie

The American dream is but a myth crafted by Wall Street

With our blank check from China

Off the backs of the poor and middle class

Whom they also call second class

Cause first class get’s the lobster and shrimp

While I’m in the back eating stale pretzels


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No Pay=No Work




By: Tony Lavale Jefferson, Jr.




There is definitely a class system in the America and the military seems to be at the very bottom of it. The military trains and fights to keep the country safe, continue the American way of life and stand up for what’s right in the world. At the same time we are people too. We have families, children, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers. We are not machines nor are we zombies. I don’t know a person in this world, who would work without pay and they shouldn’t have to in this day in age. It’s 2011 after all and the old ways of doing things are all but obsolete or so we would think. Whenever our country calls us to duty we deliver, but when we need the country to support us we are often times left in the dark, with no support and no answers. Only questions of our livelihood, how to feed and clothe our families, how to make this thing called life work for us as well. We deploy to countless foreign countries spend years away from our loved ones, make sure our country is secure and prosperous, only to come back and get shafted by the system that isn’t designed with us included. We’re second class citizens, the true minority. Yes, this is a thankless job, we all swore an oath to defend and protect, but we deserve to be treated as humans, as people who breathe and care, as equals. We’re not bred to die, we’re born to live. How dare you cast us down, overlook us, discriminate against us when it is us that makes you who you are. Thank a veteran; congratulate a military member on making it back from a warzone safely. Visit a VA and see the sacrifices we’ve made for the country and the people who live in it. Visit a memorial and see the countless names on the walls that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. So please talk to your congressmen. Tell them we don’t care if they are Democrat or Republican; tell them to think about the have-nots for once. Tell them that on April 8, 2011 we need a budget that works for the people. Millions of family’s wellbeing depends on it.


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Wireless Community to FCC on AT&T buyout of Tmobile



Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the petition: “Wireless Community to FCC on AT&T buyout of Tmobile”.

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach 1000 signatures – please sign here:

Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.

Thank you! Tony

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