Progressive Thinking

11 Jul

The road behind me no longer exist

Nothing but memories remain

So even if I wanted to backtrack physically

I can only do it mentally

But as time passes and my present becomes my future

I can’t redo what has been done

Nor would I like to

Progressive thinking moves us forward in life

Not the constricting shackles of conservative thought

Cause a dream once realized can be achieved

The roadblocks of hate and misunderstanding

Coupled with ignorance and pure laziness

Only keep us in the dark ages

The one with the bright shining light in a sea of darkness

His name is future

His name is hope

No one can love you in the dark unless they’ve seen you in the light

Remember than when you try for commitment

You make the life you live and prepare the future you’d like

So open your minds and hearts

Close your mouths and legs

And for once really think


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