Last Percenters

12 Jan



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.




We that strive to BE

Strive to achieve regardless of where we were BRED

Regardless of the tragedies we endure or the hard times we FACE

It is WE the Last Percenters WE who are SELFLESS


We’re the percent that the 1% FORGOT

The 2% who fight for FREEDOM

The 12% that society enslaved and REPRESSED

We’re political FODDER

The ones to which religion PANDERS

The ones that hope for a better DAY

Not just hope, but take steps to make that hope a REALITY

Our 15 minutes comes and goes, but it ENDURES

It has staying POWER

They can’t silence our VOICE

That can’t stymie our DRIVE

They can only watch us WORK

Watch us ACHIEVE

Create policies and laws as ROADBLOCKS

But as the Great Maya Angelou said “Still I Rise”

The light still SHINES

We are collectively POWERFUL

Divided we FALL

That seems to be the GOAL

But we live to fight another DAY

We are the Last PERCENTERS

The voice of the Past, Present and FUTURE


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