Moments of Clarity

01 Jan



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Moments of clarity as the drunks call it

A moment when you realize the path of your life

When you realize you are truly grown and in control of your destiny

A destiny not controlled by anyone but yourself

I seek love like every other, just don’t acknowledge it

Yes, maybe I’m in denial, but it is stress free

Except when I am really in need

When I realize man is not meant to be alone

I love hard but love often fucks me

Hard with no loving often fucks me

Having its way as I drown in misery

One day I shall find the path to my destiny

But for now I’m just living life as it comes

I realize I’m an angry young man

A man that has a daughter and a responsibility to raise her as a respectable woman

That I will do with the help of God

With the help of my family

With the assistance of my friends

I love hard

My moment of clarity is making money and loving with all I have

Regardless of the outcome


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