Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


I want to take the time to give thanks to God for making all life and enjoyment possible.

My family despite our shortcomings and negatives we have a lot of positive, stay strong in the faith and love that we all possess.

I want to thank my mom Mary Weathers for enduring labor to bring me into this world, God willing.

I want to thank God for blessing me with my one and only child Olivia Jefferson, you are my light and my grace. Much Love!

I want to thank God for blessing wit hthe foresight to call it quits with the military, thank you for not letting me ruin my life with reenlistment.

I want to thank the Jeffersons, Shavers, Weathers and all other of my families for blessing me with the attributes I have today.

I’ve came a long ways, from the darkness to the light and it wouldn’t be possible without the family, friends and associates I surround myself with on a daily.

I want to thank the Army, yes the Army, for providing me wit the strength to get through any and everything.

Thank the men and women who serve and have served beside me in battle and to those who are still fighting, I wish you could be home with your families.

Thank President Obama for remaining strong despite the evil that fights you everyday, trying to deny your plans and help.

Thanking my friends new and old for being a part of my life ya’ll are truly a blessing and an enjoyment to be around.

Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


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