Truth is

27 Jun



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



Truth is, for the longest time I’ve had a heavy heart

Filled with expectations not of my own

I never fronted

I was always me

I just kept inside what I really felt

Truth is I hate most things

Truth is I wake in the morning and ask why

Not a day goes by, that there isn’t someone I want to hurt

The same way I hurt daily

Why you ask, do I feel that way?

I myself don’t know and it only adds to the pain

I’m not a very good friend

Nor am I the best spouse

I’m selfish and self centered

I hate the word love

There are times where I question my faith

Because in reality where has it really gotten me

Through it all I had a smile as fake as faux leather

As fake as Fox News

Truth is I hate Republicans

Because they represent everything I really hate.

I wish I didn’t feel this way, but it seems there is no choice

When people give me words of encouragement, I dismiss it

No way can that positive thing you said could happen to me

I stick with the negative

Cause it’s as real as most bastards claim to be

Ya’ll created a monster, that can’t be silenced even by a bullet

Somehow I still survive

Somehow I still prosper

I don’t try, cause I wonder what is it truly worth

I’m working my way to a cold grave

Where nothing I did on earth matters

So why try to deny the fact

Impress you

Why bother

Love you I think not

Cause in the end

The truth is

Not real either


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