Fuck Love

26 Jun



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



No longer do I seek thee

Oh wretched feeling of confusion

Causing me to forget who I am for who I feel

You cut me deep, making a wound that will never heal

I just can’t be with you love

Over the years we’ve waned and waxed like moon cycles

Never quite getting to a balance

Always head over heels or nothing at all

You influenced my stupid ways

Making me look like a fool in the worst ways

But still I sought that feeling

That feeling that’s been described to me for years in many forms

But I never truly felt you

I only imagined what someone else’s love would feel like

Never having love of my own

So to you love

Fuck you

You never made me feel brand new

Only made a brand new fool

I never cried tears of joy

Only rivers of pain

My heart never healed

I stay broken hearted

You were never my best friend

Just another enemy that controlled my mind

You dashed my heart to pieces

Broken beyond repair

I no longer feel the pleasure

No longer have a need

No longer feel anything but the numbness

That comes from many sleepless nights

Thinking about one day

When I no longer have to hate to love you


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