Random Musings

29 Apr

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Random streams of conscience’s that flow

From my mind to the blank paper that rest in front of my eyes

I tell you stories from my past that evolved into my present and maybe my future

Stories that still to this day hurt my thinking

Hurt my heart

Bringing nightmares while I am awake

Awake to suffer the turmoil that torments my psyche every waking moment

Even my night dreams capture my fears and manifest them into horrible beings that haunt my very existence

But I know about hope

That small sliver of positive bearing that makes life worth living

Makes my life have special meaning that only family and friends can provide

Those that are close and not backstabbing

Those that support your decisions and only give you constructive criticism

Not judgmental but supportive in decisions, but are not pushovers

Not afraid of the truth

I love the life I live

But certain aspects give me pause

Make me think of alternate ways to live this life

A life I can share with my family

A life that is full of random acts of positive motion

Forward thinking


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