Security Breach

11 Apr



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



I once trusted your usefulness

Now I see you’re useless

Unable to make a simple decision

A decision simple but also complex at the amount of lives it affects

But you don’t see that struggle

You sit fat and happy behind fine oak

Soft plush chairs

Ultra modern themes

Counting your stacks of money

While the rest of us starve

I wish I could rely on your competence

But now I see clearly

The wool has been pulled from my eyes

I see your corruption as plan as a summer day

Millions of live depend on your decisions

But you can’t even make simple ones

Where all you need to do is compromise

Come together as one

But the old time feel has arrived

Back to Jim Crow and Segregation

Battle of the classes

The rich and the poor

The haves and have not’s

Well we second class citizens have had it with your leadership

You play us like chess pieces

We’re no longer a pawn in your game

We are free

If not physically then in our minds

Because thoughts begat actions

And our awakening has begun


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