Captured Memories

15 Dec



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.



Your smile brightens my long and dusty day

Tired from the strain of a thousand men

In your face I see innocence

A face void of the troubles affecting the world around you

Beautiful you are

Like a flower in the springtime blooming

Like the love me and your mother share

As time grows so do you

It seems like yesterday you were just entering the world

Sounding off with that miraculous cry

Strong and vibrant

You sealed a once broken bond

Linking two pieces that had been lost for so long

Your lovely memories captured in pictures

Pictures that bring tears to my eyes

Cause I long to be there with you

I wish a picture could capture love

So I could carry you with me for eternity

In my heart is a special place I never knew existed until you came into our life

My daughter

Proud father

Loving mother

Captured memories


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