Is Israel really our strongest ally?

09 Sep

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Let me start by saying that I am not against Israel or Jewish people. I have no ill will toward Jews, Arabs or to my beloved country the United States of America. This article is only for discussion purposes and I am open to any opinion or fact presented in this discussion.

As history has shown us, the current country of Israel wasn’t formed till the year of 1948. Before that time the current land was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, who also controlled a large area of Arab territory.  The current state of Israel was called Ottoman Palestine and was occupied by people of Arabic decent.

It wasn’t until 1917 when Britain took control of the land that Jewish immigrants began moving into the land. Britain supported the creation of a national home for the Jewish immigrants in Palestine. From the formation of the country of Israel till present day Jewish and Arabic people have fought over land where, in antiquity, the kingdoms of Israel and Judah had once been.

The United States has never in its 200 plus year history received any economic, military, strategic or tactical assistance from Israel. The United States for some reason still strongly supports Israel, but this support often jeopardizes our relationship with other countries, including Israel’s presumed enemies. So why is it we support Israel if we get nothing in return?

In my opinion it’s the similarities in the religion of most Americans and the country of Israel. The Christian faith of most Americans directly stems from the Jewish faith of majority of Israelites. We believe if we don’t support Israel we will come under the wrath of God for forsaken his chosen people, whom the present day Israelites claim to be. This often puts us at great risk of acquiring the same enemies that Israel has. The Arabic countries turned away from Israel because of its land dispute with Palestine whose people are of Arabic decent. One problem with this is that the US has huge oil dependence and majority of the world’s oil supply lies in the Arabic countries.

Since the beginning of our support for Israel, Americans have been the target of extremist attacks from some Arabic countries. Instead of playing favorites, we should be a neutral entity. Although strategically and economically it would benefit us to be allies with the Arabic countries, that would only cause a whole set of new problems. As the worlds current superpower we should set the example of working together for a greater good.

I believe a neutral status would further help Israel and Palestine form two separate countries and in turn Islamic extremist wouldn’t target us as much and we could have a better relationship with the Arabic countries. This could be a huge economic advantage for the United States. Anti-American sentiment stems from our favoritism of Israel. These two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran’s current attitude towards Americans might have been prevented, if our foreign policy was of a neutral entity trying to unite the two countries and stabilize the whole region of the Middle East. In my opinion Israel only shares a similar religion with America and benefits the US in no other way. This should not classify them as our strongest ally. Becoming a neutral country would be one of our best foreign policies.

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One response to “Is Israel really our strongest ally?

  1. giveisraelback

    March 22, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    I agree with a lot of your sentiments. I’m an American too and I don’t have anything against Jews or anybody, but the creation of Israel was a mistake that has caused 3 wars already and will lead to more in the future. The scary thing is the Middle East is going nuclear, like it or not, and Israel is going to be the prime target. The wall in Israel is going to be put to the test, and walls have been historically signs of internal weaknesses and are often bypassed or become irrelevant in the face of new military innovations (the Maginot line, bypassed by the Germans in WWII, being the most famous example).

    A lot of the money we send to Israel is in the interests of promoting peace in the region, and Israel is not the only recipient of US aid, Egypt gets 2 billion a year, Jordan gets 400 million, where Israel gets 3 billion. But the most important thing we could do, I have to agree, is distance ourselves as much as possible from Israel, to abandon the special relationship we have with Israel in the interest of support our Arab allies who we need to fight the war on terror.


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