Blessings of a Father

05 Jul

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

The news that I’m having a little girl

Sends me in such an excited swirl

Tears of joy flow from my eyes

Cause this is one of those happy times

Though you’re physically here yet

I’m in love with someone I’ve never met

Visions of you asleep in your crib

Or sitting in my lap with your Baby Phat bib

I look forward to the simple things, like pica boo

Even changing your diaper when you poo

Late night wakes and bonding time

Walks through the park to ease our minds

Still can’t believe I’m gonna be a father

Because of you I’m gonna work harder

For now you’re kicking in your mom’s womb

I get excited when I touch her stomach and feel you move

You truly are my life’s achievement

Cause not everyone is blessed to be a father


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