20 Jun

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Draped in mystery and shrouded in pleasure

She oozes sensuality with that walk

Almost like a dance

Sashaying her hips

As she brings me her lips

For a kiss

Your skins so mesmerizing

Dark and smooth as the texture of rose petals

Eyes that hold us in a symbolic trance

Gaze upon me

You touch excites me

Lighting the night sky with the warmth of affection

Erasing memories we dare not remember of others

Just us making love physical

Raw, animalistic passion

Hips and thighs in rhythmic motions

Twisted in different poses

Our flesh making musical connotations

Screams in high octaves escape your mouth

As I moan baritones of satisfaction

The constant beat of bass as my body rocks yours

Orgasms releasing inner thoughts

Rolling wave’s transverse between us

Slowing our hearts to an idle

As we lay between silk and cotton

The performance of a lifetime

Satisfaction of the flesh


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