On to Some New Stuff

28 May

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Stop trying to be what you know you aren’t

Glamorizing the hood like you Tupac

We trying to get out you trying to fit in

It’s not cool to try to survive a hundred flies

As they creep and crawl with brown nasty roaches

When a gunshot or two becomes your alarm

Watching friends die and children cry

This ain’t glamorous this is torture

Sugar bread is what we’re fed, cause the food stamps got cut again

The powers out but life’s still there

Being slipped up the blood stream from the tiny prick of a needle

Sounds of agony and pain and the cum stained bed rocks in shame

This isn’t glamorous

You ain’t gangsta

You ain’t hood

Cause your suburbs we’re painted and filled with joy

You had money to burn and buy fancy toys

What struggle did you endure?

How much life have you lost?

When you feel up against insurmountable odds

And the only place to turn ends u behind walls of dirt vertical or 6 feet under

You wear your hat back cause you think that’s how we do

You sag your pants down cause you think that’s how we do

You listen to rap music cause you think that’s how we do

Tryna cop black relations cause you think that makes you cool

Fuck you motherfucker

You don’t live me hurt

You ain’t seen my struggle

You ain’t been anywhere but the burbs and higher

You’ll never be hood, gangsta or any other similar

This shit ain’t glamorous

So I’m on to some new stuff


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2 responses to “On to Some New Stuff

  1. wordyless

    June 11, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    For a minute, I thought you were talking about me. Maybe you ARE talking about me.
    This was not my life.

    There were no gunshots, needles, or watching people die.
    I can also say there were no fancy toys either.

    I didn’t live in the suburbs or the city. I’m from the south. Does that make a difference?

    My youth was average. She was a single mom, living paycheck to paycheck.

    Again, I know you weren’t talking about me.
    But, I feel like you are.


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