Red vs. Blue

28 Sep

red and blue

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Scratch the surface of me

And you’ll find out what I am meant to be

A tiny voice hidden in a mass field of voices

Struggling to be heard by at least one

That one will tell another and another will tell another

That one day what was written by one inspired a generation

A lost people

A lost soul

To fight back against lies spoken and written by people that love misery

With greed they try to conquer your thoughts

Helping you to make decisions that do benefit you

But instead line their filthy pockets with all your hopes and dreams

Right wing conspiracy vs. Left wing controversy

Two sides fighting for their version of right

But what about the people that matter



The supposed United States broken up into Red and Blue

Why not join to make Purple states

Where the Red and Blue join together to make one

Converging ideas that make the ideal of the United States seem right and true

Politics sicken me

Politicians I despise

We elected you and we can take you away

Support each other for the betterment of US

For the betterment of WE

For the continued success of the United States


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