Storybook Love

26 Sep

storybook love

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Its story is written in the textbooks of history

Love me or love me not? That is the question

This love that’s felt is a fairy tale of sorts

When a man meets a woman

Sweeping her off of her dainty feet

Making butterflies fly into the night

Igniting feelings of longing

All with a kiss goodnight

Prince charming comes to claim his bride

And lead her into happily ever after

Riding horseback through the haunting wood

To an enchanted land that glitters of gold

A white picket fence

Surrounding a beautiful home

Children running wild without a care in the world

This storybook love lives

As we breathe in fresh lilies in a never-ending field of green

Cuddled with the love of your life

As you watch the sun drift behind the crest of the earth

Planning a future of peace and harmony

Living happily ever after


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