Midnight Lover

29 Jul

midnight lover

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Midnight lover knows she feels so good

Treat you right like I know I should

Midnight lover won’t you stay with me

Through these lonely nights

Steamy thoughts envelope my mind

Every time you cross my thoughts

Thoughts of what we have


Clear and concise

Midnight lover, damn I’m a lucky man

To have happened across your fine ass

The way you danced that sensual dance

The way your hips sway with that sassy walk

The way your lips feel against mine

The way please this rising passion

Midnight lover I know your time is short

But please stay till the sun greets the sky

Cause your body feels like heaven on earth

Your words play music in my mind

Soulful and invigorating chords of melodies flow from your mouth

Through those lushes lips pass wisdom that soothes and comforts

Your body is the epitome of God’s creation

Crafted by perfect hands and a perfect mind

Midnight lover, this night can’t be true

I hope this fantasy can merge with reality

I hope you stay just for a little while

Or marry me and stay forever


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2 responses to “Midnight Lover

  1. Jule Guzman

    August 22, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    This was my favorite of your recent “sensual” collection. The reason I thought it was superior to Defenition of Love and Let me UP THRU DEH, was that this one had the most “music”.
    Not sure how to describe it better than that.

  2. Queenie Hugs!

    February 9, 2010 at 5:26 am



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