Unheard Prayer

22 Jul

unheard prayer

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Heavenly Father

Guide us in our way and thinking

Show the young a better way to live

Help the old accept change with open arms

I pray for peace and prosperity

For a world where hate is as rare as peace is today

I pray and I pray but does it get heard Lord

I see the suffering in the eyes of my people

They live in miserable times and terrible places

Boredom threatens to strangle the last bit of excitement in their lives

They pray for hope

Hope that the next day is better or maybe even the next year

Circumstances delay the plight of their success

Dreams deferred just to see their offspring achieve theirs

But shouldn’t they be allowed the same convenience?

Our communities are degraded by negativity

Our children lost the moral discipline needed to respect their elders or even each other

Our elders lost the patience they once had and fail to accept change in the younger

They lost that hope they had for our generation

Lost the dream of the King

In this historic day and age where someone who looks likes me is the president

He’s challenged by the status quo

Not because his policies are bad

But because another skin color didn’t think of it

Lord be with him as he tries to change the world for the better

Be with our children as they set a future path for success

Comfort our elders and let them know that we the younger generation have the responsibility and discipline to take the reins from them

Bless the troubled areas of the world stop them for killing out of spite

Stop the violence against ourselves

We are all one people trying to make a better world for ourselves and future generations

Moral discipline is needed to bring back the sense of community that we crave

Social justice must happen to bring order back to the masses

With your guiding grace and all powerful knowledge Lord

We can make a way out of no way

Don’t let go and let God

Be there to receive the blessing


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2 responses to “Unheard Prayer

  1. chozeal

    July 23, 2009 at 5:21 am

    there is no prayer never not heard
    yet the ones that are sincere & true
    answers are always returned
    even more so those with self-centre motives
    never get His approval
    as the carnal nature closes the channel
    to recieve from Him
    yet He always hears
    but has chosen not to answer certain prayers!

  2. Mary

    July 26, 2009 at 5:55 am

    Prayer from the heart is the best prayer of all. It is a shame that those that oppose our President, do not out solid reason, but rather out of spite.

    God Bless,



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