Masked Feelings

06 Jul

masked feelings

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

What is this I feel?

A feelings that has me soaring high like an eagle’s flight

So high off this love thing I fiend for it daily

Love’s got my mind boggled

Confused and strangled by this temptation

This picture of you stays etched in my mind

Etched deep like the love I have for you in my heart

My mind comprehends nothing

Logic destroys the feelings I feel

Make me not seem so crazy to the outside world

Masked feelings disguised as love

Love is deceitful leaving me hanging when I really needed it

High off this feeling, whatever it may be

Delirious and drunk off the lingering mind state I feel

Conflicting between mind and heart

The smarter choice or the lover’s choice

My heart aches to find the answers hidden in my mind

Hidden away so good, one must seek God to find my secrets

Upon your success you’ll find my love is true

My love is honest

My love is kind

No longer masked

Reveled to you


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