If Life were Grand

16 Jun

life is grand



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


I wish life were like a crystal stair

Then maybe people would stop and stare

And admire the true beauty I hold inside

Or would they pass me by and ride and ride

Oh what adventures they would find

Inside this ole mind of mine

See my mind is old but my bodies young

And sometimes life is one big con

What he says he is he really ain’t

What she says she’ll do she really can’t

They’ll boast and brag but in the end

They are no better than whenever when

But when they see you for you

They tend to see a different hue

They see you hanging with a different crew

Of course life isn’t grand it’s divine

And the people in it fine as wine

Oh what I would do to make that day

When life is grand for more than one day


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